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e-Book FAQ

How to order an e-Book?

Ordering an e-Book process basically is same with ordering a physical book. You add the e-Book to shopping cart, and continue to check out and follow the process until finished.

How is the delivery of the e-Book?

As a digital product, the delivery of an e-Book is very simple. Once you finished the payment and notify us, we will send e-Book link to your email. You can read more instruction on what to do next by clicking here.

How to read our e-Book?

There are many ways to read our e-Book, you can read it on Desktop PC or Mac, Android and IOS. You can use Adobe Digital Edition  (, this is a free program from Adobe. 

You can found complete list of supported device in

Due to some problems when downloading our ebook using Aldiko, we suggest to use other ebook reader tha Aldiko.

How many times can the e-Book downloaded?

The download link can only be used successfully 6 times. Once this limit has been reached the eBook cannot be downloaded again.

Does the e-Book link ever expire?

The e-Book link expires in one of two circumstances:

1) When all the allowable successful downloads have been used.

2) After 24 months from the original order date.  

What happens if you loses the URL link? 

If the link is lost we can supply the link to you providing the ISBN and Order reference have been supplied.  However if the original link is showing as the order having been already successfully downloaded the maximum allowable number of times, then you will need to purchase the item again

Suppose you orders the wrong eBook, can you get refund? 

All eBooks are firm sale so it cannot be refunded

What happens if your computer fails, will all eBooks be lost? 

EBooks like all other data are the responsibility of the user to make sure you have put in place procedures to back up data on a regular basis.  As long as the user has registered ADE at install and kept a note of the Adobe ID they were issued with, they will be able to copy the eBooks onto their new PC and access them. If you failed to back the files up then those books will be lost, although they can use any remaining downloads from the download URL.  If you did back up their eBooks, but did not register the ADE prior to their original download, then the eBooks will be tied to the old PC and will not work on the new PC.  

What formats of eBooks do Books & Beyond supply? 

Our current eBook Catalogue allows customer to purchase and download titles as either ePub or the Pdf, both formats can be viewed in Adobe Digital Editions and on a wide range of eReader devices. 

How many eBook readers can have a copy of the same ebook on them at the same time? 

When using Adobe Digital Editions a DRM wrapped title can be copied between up to six support mobile devices, providing all devices are using the same Adobe ID.    

Will the eBooks work on Apple products?

Our eBooks will not work natively on the iPad, iPhone and iPod devices.  However there are many 3rd party software products that will enable you to use the Adobe DRM protected eBook on your Apple devices.  We recommend BlueFire (available for download from the Apple iStore) but others are available.  We cannot offer any support for the eReader software so any eBooks purchased by you to work on these devices will be entirely at your own risk.  

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