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Indonesia is the second-least literate nation in the world in a list of 61 measurable countries, only higher than Botswana. 

We have to improve on this! :(

Books&Beyond really wants to help your joy of reading by providing the best quality books in our website.  

What would be our joy? It is if you guys, wherever you are (from Sabang to Merauke), can afford to buy books without any hassle or hesitation and without paying any extra shipping cost that sometimes you might think twice before you checkout the order because the cost you have to bear.

So yes, we provide this free shipping program for you guys as our loyal customers, wherever you are, whenever you want to buy, and whatever you buy it doesn't matter.

Yes we have to bear all the cost, but we hope this is worth your happiness.

Please use it wisely and enjoy the benefits.

Happy reading,


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