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Model: 9780486447599
Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. (The ancient Egyptians seemed to have favored geometric figures.) Regarded by many who wear them today as a form of personal identification, tattoo designs range from symbols of courage and patriotism to expressions of love and affection.This collecti..
Rp 70,000
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Model: 9780545627368
Even though my brother and I had decided to stay away from the magic mirror, our puppy had other plans -- he bounded right in. What choice did we have but to go in after him? When we land in a winter wonderland, we realize we must be in the story of The Snow Queen. And this fairy tale is nothin..
Rp 115,000
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Model: 9781680524819
Crash! Stomp! Roar! Come take a journey and listen to the dinosaurs! Meet prehistoric creatures on land, in the air, and under the sea and learn fun and ferocious facts on every page. Did you know that the Pteranodon could have a wingspan of more than 20 feet! Swoosh! Swoosh! Explore these incredibl..
Rp 209,000
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Model: 9781499809497
Rp 190,000
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Model: 9781499809114
A colorful sticker and activity book is here from Crayola with over 1,000 stickers! In this activity book packed with mazes, spot the difference games, guided drawing activities, and more, kids will have fun playing with stickers and solving puzzles. Crayola's vibrant colors come through on every pa..
Rp 189,000
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Model: 9781481464734
Rp 129,000
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Model: 9780593119365
Watch out, Broadway! Babymouse tries out for the school play in the next book in the Babymousetastic, highly illustrated Babymouse: Tales from the Locker series.All of middle school's a play--at least, it seems that way to Babymouse. So when she hears about auditions for the school play, she jum..
Rp 229,000
Ex Tax:Rp 229,000
Model: 9781911015772
THE KEY TO NIGHT CITY Cyberpunk 2077 is a vast, open-ended game that offers freedom on a multitude of levels – from character development, to story, to gameplay, and beyond. That freedom is at the very heart of this book, which we designed with one priority in mind: facilitating informed decisions a..
Rp 379,000
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Model: 9781838525897
Rp 140,000
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Model: 9781680523287
Guess who's coming home from school with Daniel today? Snowball, the classroom bunny! Teacher Harriet tells Daniel it's his turn to take home Snowball and take care of him. Take a journey with Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday and learn how they take care of the pet bunny. Feeding, cleaning, brushin..
Rp 159,000
Ex Tax:Rp 159,000
Model: 9781646380497
Hi, neighbor! Are you ready to try new things with Daniel Tiger? Grr-ific! Learn and sing with Daniel Tiger and friends in this lively, interactive sing-along sound book! Join Jodi on her first day of school, learn to ride a bike with Daniel, sit in the barber chair for Daniel's very first haircut, ..
Rp 299,000
Ex Tax:Rp 299,000
Model: 9781481443913
A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood! Daniel Tiger fans will love this sweet carry-along 8x8 storybook boxed set with six adorable stories! Whether he's making new friends or going to a superspecial sleepover, every..
Rp 245,000
Ex Tax:Rp 245,000
Model: 9781680526028
Join Daniel Tiger and friends for a marching band adventure! Explore the neighborhood and discover fun musical instruments with Daniel Tiger, Katerina, O the Owl, Miss Elaina, and Prince Wednesday. Little ones will love following along the interactive story by pushing the 4 corresponding audio butto..
Rp 209,000
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Model: 9781683834847
Explore the origin of Batman through DC Comics’ Detective Comics covers in this second volume of the miniature art book series. Hold the comic book history of DC Comics’ Detective Comics in the palm of your hand with DC Comics: Detective Comics: The Complete Covers Omnibus Vol. 2. _x000D_ Fea..
Rp 215,000
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Model: 9781401267612
Rp 155,000
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Model: 9781401282561
There s a new student at Super Hero High in DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out, and she s about to take some of her new friends on an out-of-this-world mission! Earth's new Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz, learns that she must report to Oa and introduce herself to the Green Lantern Corps--as if learning ne..
Rp 175,000
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Model: 9781401270728
Rp 314,000
Ex Tax:Rp 314,000
Model: 9781481436373
Molly’s up against the undead—and the fate of Manhattan is in her hands—in the third and final book of the Dead City trilogy, which Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins says “breathes new life into the zombie genre.”Molly and the Omegas fight to contain the storm unleashed by Operation Blue Moon...
Rp 89,000
Ex Tax:Rp 89,000
Model: 9781632150035
"Deadly Class is a solid read for those who want a combination of Mark Millar's Wanted and Harry Potter with Garth Ennis's (Preacher) style." - Library Journal (Starred) "A good start to a wicked series." -- Booklist It's 1987. Marcus Lopez hates school. His grades suck. The jocks are hassling his f..
Rp 174,000
Ex Tax:Rp 174,000
Model: 9781401284138
Does Superman ever make mistakes? What was Wonder Woman s eleventh birthday like? Does Aquaman smell like fish? In this new middle-grade graphic novel, iconic heroes are asked questions both big and small, and when they are not busy saving the world, the Justice League even finds time to respond. Th..
Rp 175,000
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Model: 9780486420783
For a special birthday treat, decorate an unadorned cake with images of candles, rosettes, numbers, stars, garlands of teddy bears, and more...
Rp 46,000
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Model: 9781449480080
Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in book 2 of the very popular 8-Bit Warrior series of the journal of a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior! THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: FROM SEEDS TO SWORDS WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED..
Rp 165,000
Ex Tax:Rp 165,000
Model: 9781449482282
Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in book 3 of the very popular 8-Bit Warrior series of the journal of a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior! THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: CRAFTING ALLIANCES WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED A..
Rp 199,000
Ex Tax:Rp 199,000
Model: 9781449480097
Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in book 4 of the very popular 8-Bit Warrior series of the journal of a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior! THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: PATH OF THE DIAMOND aEURO ..
Rp 165,000
Ex Tax:Rp 165,000
Model: 9781449494452
Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in book 6 of the very popular 8-Bit Warrior series of the journal of a young Minecraft villager who dares to dream of becoming a Minecraft warrior! THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR (BOOK 6) WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS WIMPY VIL..
Rp 165,000
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Model: 9780736439404
This paperback storybook retells the story of Disney Aladdin from Jasmine's point of view and features stickers and a card game! Princess Jasmine shares her amazing story in this full-color storybook. Disney Aladdin is retold from Princess Jasmine's point of view--from meeting Aladdin to hanging out..
Rp 121,000
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Model: 9781503721777
Disney Baby First Look and Find ABCs. It's a Look and Find for toddlers! Toddlers Can Search, point and match. Make comparisons. Discover concepts such as rhyming, shapes, and counting. Follow simple directions. Explore a book on their own!..
Rp 180,000
Ex Tax:Rp 180,000
Model: 9780736431804
This Step into Reading leveled reader collection includes five early readers based on Disney's classic animated films. Starring Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Bambi, and more, this book is the perfect gift for little girls and boys ages 4 to 6 who are just learning to read...
Rp 145,000
Ex Tax:Rp 145,000
Model: 9781506712161
A chivalrous knight-errant and the power of his imagination finds reality in this adaptation of the classic novel by Miguel de Cervantes that stars Goofy and Mickey Mouse! Goofy is an uptight comic book store manager with not a care for the fantastical stories in the comics he sells. Mickey, on the ..
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9780794444297
An interactive board book with large lift-the-flaps for young Frozen fans! _x000D_ Lift all the interactive flaps in this storybook to_x000D_ reveal which of your favorite Frozen characters are hiding underneath...
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9781503746022
Get ready to read! Press 10 buttons to hear each page of the story read _x000D_ aloud. Simple sentences, large type, and expressive narration make it _x000D_ easy for beginning readers to follow along!..
Rp 195,000
Ex Tax:Rp 195,000
Model: 9781368043625
There is a mysterious white river, one that holds the answers to the _x000D_ past. But it's just in a lullaby that Anna and Elsa's mother sings to _x000D_ them. Or is the white river actually real? Anna and Elsa leave the _x000D_ comfort of their bed to look for it in the forest. It could hold the _..
Rp 330,000
Ex Tax:Rp 330,000
Model: 9781368042802
Based on the Disney film, Frozen 2, this exciting storybook-and-CD set _x000D_ features thrilling sound effects, word-for-word narration, and original _x000D_ movie voices!..
Rp 135,000
Ex Tax:Rp 135,000
Model: 9780736440578
This tabbed board book introduces young children to the characters from Disney Frozen 2--in theaters November 22, 2019! Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and produced by Peter Del Vecho, Walt Disney Animation Studios' feature-length follow-up to 2013's Oscar-winning film Frozen is slated for ..
Rp 170,000
Ex Tax:Rp 170,000
Model: 9781465479013
Set off on a magical adventure! Elsa and Anna must journey to an enchanted forest-and you can be with them every daring step of the way! Follow their thrilling mission to unlock the truth about Elsa's power and save the kingdom of Arendelle. Meet mysterious spirits and forest dwellers, explore excit..
Rp 225,000
Ex Tax:Rp 225,000
Model: 9780794444440
No gloves needed for this fun Frozen touch-and-feel book!The best way for kids to explore the magical world of Disney’s Frozen is with this delightful touch-and-feel board book. Learn and explore with your favorite Arendelle characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and more!..
Rp 190,000
Ex Tax:Rp 190,000
Model: 9781506710518
In a comics follow-up to the Disney film, Elsa and Anna resolve problems in their beloved kingdom and make new friends along the way. Elsa and Anna are ready to get to the bottom of things when the peace of the kingdom of Arendelle is threatened. A wild animal loose in the village and destruction in..
Rp 205,000
Ex Tax:Rp 205,000
Model: 9781506712703
Elsa and Anna gather friends and family for an unforgettable trip to a harvest festival in a neighboring kingdom! After receiving an invitation to the harvest festival in the kingdom of Snoob, Anna and Elsa reminisce about the festivals they had attended as kids--only Anna doesn't quite remember . ...
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9780736434355
Girls and boys ages 3 to 7 can read about Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and all the characters from Disney Frozen in this Step into Reading leveled reader collection featuring five stories in one softcover book! ..
Rp 145,000
Ex Tax:Rp 145,000
Model: 9781506712697
Build strength and heroism with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and their friend Hedda, as they deal with bullies, and the harsh environment of the Forbidden Land! Olaf's friend at the orphanage in Arendelle village is a spunky girl named Hedda with a big imagination and dreams of adventure. When ..
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9781506712192
The ghost of a betrayed king appoints Prince Ducklet to restore peace to his kingdom in this adaptation of the classic tragic play by William Shakespeare. Huey, Dewey and Louie, along with Uncle Scrooge, head on a road trip to Denmark, passing by the famous landmark--the phantom castle of Ducksinore..
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9780794444723
Pull the tabs and spin the wheel to follow the warrior Mulan on her daring adventure to save China. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all. Such is the classic tale of the legendary Mulan who saved her country from the Huns and risked everything to do the righ..
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9781368052092
As seen in Disney and Pixar's film, Onward!Barley and Ian Lightfoot would never set out on an adventure without their Quests of Yore guide book! Based on the book featured in the movie, this guide is full of wondrous characters and creatures to meet, exciting landmarks to explore, and powerful spell..
Rp 330,000
Ex Tax:Rp 330,000
Model: 9781368052108
A magical all-new story based on Disney and Pixar's film, Onward!Sadalia Brushthorn is an ordinary teenage elf. She goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and dreams of becoming a journalist. But the problem is, nothing exciting ever seems to happen in her town of New Mushroomton. Sadalia wonde..
Rp 215,000
Ex Tax:Rp 215,000
Model: 9780736440448
This new Little Golden Book is about Princess Mulan, star of the Disney _x000D_ classic Mulan--just in time for the live-action film release in March _x000D_ 2020! Meet Princess Mulan, the brave warrior princess, and her friends _x000D_ Mushu, Cri-Kee, and more in this new Little Golden Book featuri..
Rp 96,000
Ex Tax:Rp 96,000
Model: 9780736440431
This paperback storybook featuring cards and over 30 stickers retells _x000D_ the story of Disney Mulan from the princess's point of view--just in _x000D_ time for the March 2020 live-action film release! Princess Mulan shares _x000D_ the incredible tale of how she risked her life for her father and..
Rp 115,000
Ex Tax:Rp 115,000
Model: 9781503736528
Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz are back, and they've discovered a wi-fi router in their arcade! Will these buddies find what they need online before Ralph breaks the Internet? 7 interactive buttons bring the adventure to life with Ralph's voice plus smashing sounds inspired by Disney's Wr..
Rp 210,000
Ex Tax:Rp 210,000
Model: 9780794444389
Follow Dumbo as he overcomes his fears and becomes a star! Join the beloved character Dumbo on a high-flying adventure in Disney's Dumbo storybook. Dumbo is a little circus elephant who is teased because of his big ears. But when he meets Timothy the circus mouse, Dumbo uncovers a hidden talent that..
Rp 95,000
Ex Tax:Rp 95,000
Model: 9781465429483
Jump straight into the middle of the action as children's favorite Ninja warriors harness their powers in an awesome new adventure. Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay have fought many villains, from skeletons and snakes to the stone army and nindroids - but now it's time for them to discover some exciting new ..
Rp 87,000
Ex Tax:Rp 87,000
Model: 9781302912345
Kebijakan Pengembalian Produk Books&Beyond memberikan kebijakan pengembalian produk/ retur barang yang Customer sudah beli (maksimal 48 jam sejak barang diterima) bila memenuhi beberapa syarat berikut: 1. Barang Tidak Sesuai Pesanan (Beda cover, beda varian, warna, dll.) Catatan: tidak berlaku bagi ..
Rp 340,000
Ex Tax:Rp 340,000
Model: 9781338535624
The ninth great Dog Man adventure from the worldwide bestselling author and artist Dav Pilkey. You'll howl with laughter! The Supa Buddies bamboozled the baddies, but all's not right in the world. Dog Man has a new problem to pound, and he's going to need his entire pack to help him. Will ..
Rp 215,000
Ex Tax:Rp 215,000
Model: 9781338680454
Dog Man and Petey face their biggest challenges yet in the tenth Dog Man book from worldwide bestselling author and illustrator Dav Pilkey.Dog Man is down on his luck, Petey confronts his not so purr-fect past, and Grampa is up to no good. The world is spinning out of control as new villains spill i..
Rp 219,000
Ex Tax:Rp 219,000
Model: 9781338603347
Rp 1,005,000
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