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We must reject the idea - well-intentioned, but dead wrong - that the primary path to greatness in the social sectors is to become more like a business.'So begins this astonishingly blunt and timely manifesto by leading business thinker Jim Collins. Rejecting the belief, common among politicians, ..
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From the bestselling author of Blink and The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Story of Success overturns conventional wisdom about genius to show us what makes an ordinary person an extreme overachiever.Why do some people achieve so much more than others? Can they lie so far out o..
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Explore the laws and theories of physics in this accessible introduction to the forces that shape our Universe our planet and our everyday lives.Using a bold graphic-led approach The Physics Book sets out more than 80 key concepts and discoveries that have defined the subject and influenced our te..
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See how maths' infinite mysteries and beauty unfold in this captivating educational book!Discover more than 85 of the most important mathematical ideas, theorems, and proofs ever devised with this beautifully illustrated book. Get to know the great minds whose revolutionary discoveries changed our..
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