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Model: 9781501138003
In this book (previously published as Crippled America), we're going to _x000D_ look at the state of the world right now. It's a terrible mess, and _x000D_ that's putting it mildly. There has never been a more dangerous time. _x000D_ The politicians and special interests in Washington, DC are direct..
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The question he addresses here is, What are the emotional bonds that hold collective entities, such as an army and a church, together? It is a fruitful question, and Freud offers some interesting answers. But Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego stands chiefly as an invitation to further psy..
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Model: 9780385348867
A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest.  _x000D_ When he set out to visit all of the planet’s countries by age _x000D_ thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never im..
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Model: 9780374534882
A globe-trotting, eye-opening exploration of how cities can--and do--make us happier people Charles Montgomery's "Happy City" is revolutionizing the way we think about urban life. After decades of unchecked sprawl, more people than ever are moving back to the city. Dense urban living has been prescr..
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Model: 9781633690950
You ll get up to speed fast on the most essential business skills with this set of concise, practical primers. "Finance Basics" explains the fundamentals of corporate financeand its jargon; "Running Meetings" gives you the tools and checklists you need to keep your meetings effective and efficient; ..
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Model: 9781422187302
DON'T LET YOUR FEAR OF FINANCE GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR SUCCESS Can you prepare a breakeven analysis? Do you know the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet? Or understand why a business that's profitable can still go belly-up? Has your grasp of your company's numbers helped--or hu..
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Model: 9781625275325
Don't let destructive drama sideline your career. Every organization has its share of political drama: Personalities clash. Agendas compete. Turf wars erupt. But you need to work productively with your colleagues--even difficult ones--for the good of your organization and your career. How can you do..
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Model: 9781422187104
TAKE THE PAIN OUT OF PRESENTATIONS. Terrified of speaking in front of a group? Or simply looking to polish your skills? No matter where you are on the spectrum, this guide will give you the confidence and the tools you need to get results. Written by presentation expert Nancy Duarte, the HBR Guide t..
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Model: 9781633696938
Bring strategy into your daily work._x000D_ _x000D_ It's your responsibility as a manager to ensure that_x000D_ your work--and the work of your team--aligns with the overarching _x000D_ objectives of your organization. But when you're faced with competing _x0..
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Model: 9781422184059
You want the most important ideas on management all in one place. Now you can have them in a set of HBR's 10 Must Reads. We've combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles on strategy, change leadership, managing people, and managing yourself and selected the most important ones to he..
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Model: 9781633693029
Develop the mindset and presence to successfully manage others for the first time. If you read nothing else on becoming a new manager, read these 10 articles. We've combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help you transition from being an o..
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Model: 9781422158005
Most company's change initiatives fail. Yours don't have to. If you _x000D_ read nothing else on change management, read these 10 articles _x000D_ (featuring "Leading Change," by John P. Kotter). We've combed through _x000D_ hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most _x000D_..
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Model: 9781422189863
NEW from the bestselling HBR's 10 Must Reads series. The best leaders _x000D_ know how to communicate clearly and persuasively. How do you stack up? _x000D_ If you read nothing else on communicating effectively, read these 10 _x000D_ articles. We've combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvar..
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Model: 9781422189856
NEW from the bestselling HBR's 10 Must Reads series. To innovate profitably, you need more than just creativity. Do you have what it takes? If you read nothing else on inspiring and executing innovation, read these 10 articles. We've combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business Review..
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Model: 9781422157992
The path to your professional success starts with a critical look in the_x000D_ mirror. If you read nothing else on managing yourself, read these 10 _x000D_ articles (plus the bonus article "How Will You Measure Your Life?" by _x000D_ Clayton M. Christensen). We've combed through hundreds of Harva..
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Model: 9781422189887
If you read nothing else on marketing that delivers competitive advantage, read these 10 articles. We’ve combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business Review archive and selected the most important ones to help you reinvent your marketing by putting it?and your customers?at the center ..
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Model: 9781422157985
Is your company spending too much time on strategy development--with too little to show for it? If you read nothing else on strategy, read these 10 articles (featuring "What Is Strategy?" by Michael E. Porter). We've combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most i..
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Model: 9781422189870
Most teams underperform. Yours can beat the odds.If you read nothing else on building better teams, read these 10 articles. We’ve combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business Review archive and selected the most important ones to help you assemble and steer teams that get re..
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Model: 9781422133446
Change is the one constant in business, and we must adapt or face obsolescence. Yet certain challenges never go away. That's what makes this book "must read." These are the 10 seminal articles by management's most influential experts, on topics of perennial concern to ambitious managers and leaders ..
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Model: 9781591796589
'Healing Trauma' offers readers the personal how-to guide for using the theory Levine first introduced in his acclaimed work 'Walking The Tiger' including: how to develop body awareness to 're-negotiate' and heal traumas - rather than relive them...
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Model: 9780062363602
The #1 New York Times bestsellerThe phenomenal true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped fuel some of America’s greatest achievements in space. Now a major motion picture starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kirsten Dunst, an..
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Model: 9780375760280
International authority on child development Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., joins forces with bestselling author Gabor Mate, M.D., to tackle one of the most disturbing trends of our time: Children today looking to their peers for direction--their values, identity, and codes of behavior. This "peer orientati..
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Model: 9780062869548
Two years before the housing market collapsed in 2008, Donald Trump looked forward to a crash: “I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy,” he said. But our future president wasn’t alone. While millions of Americans suffered financial loss, tycoons pounced to heartl..
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Model: 9781633696709
Based on a popular class taught by a Harvard Business School professor. If you're not a numbers person, then finance can be intimidating and easy to ignore. But if you want to advance in your career, you'll need to make smart financial decisions and develop the confidence to clearly communicate tho..
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Model: 9780307461704
The Remarkable discoveries about what drives and sustains successful women leaders. Based on five years of proprietary research, "How Remarkable Women Lead" speaks to you as no other book has, with its hopeful outlook and unique ideas about success. It's the new "right stuff" of leadership, raising ..
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Model: 9781599951683
'How Successful People Think' guides readers through the 11 secrets successful people know. Arranged in an easy-to-follow format, John C. Maxwell teaches readers how to expand their thinking and achieve their dreams...
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Model: 9780385546133
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Model: 9781541644533
In the tradition of How to Live and How Proust Can Change Your Life, a philosopher asks how ancient Stoicism can help us flourish today Whenever we worry about what to eat, how to love, or simply how to be happy, we are worrying about how to lead a good life. No goal is more elusive. In How to Be a ..
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Model: 9780399172984
Author and illustrator Lee Crutchley brings his lively interactive approach to a little-discussed but very common issue: the struggle with depression and anxiety. Through a series of supportive, surprising, and engaging prompts, HOW TO BE HAPPY (OR AT LEAST LESS SAD) helps readers see thi..
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Model: 9780425286395
What is real, lasting happiness? How does one achieve it? And why are so_x000D_ many people holding themselves back? At the heart of this profound, _x000D_ simple, beautiful book is the wisdom of Mildred Newman and Bernard _x000D_ Berkowitz, married psychoanalysts who encourage readers to both love..
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Model: 9781250122223
Weaving together cutting-edge science, concrete tips, and the compelling_x000D_ stories of real people who have risen above their social anxiety, Dr. _x000D_ Ellen Hendriksen proposes a groundbreaking idea: you already have _x000D_ everything you need to succeed in any unfamiliar social situation. ..
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Model: 9780195334760
Now published in more than twenty countries, David Bornstein's How to Change the World has become the bible for social entrepreneurship--in which men and women around the world are finding innovative solutions to a wide variety of social and economic problems. Whether delivering solar energy to Braz..
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Model: 9780593418482
What do you do when you're faced with a big decision? If you're like most people, you probably make a pro and con list, spend a lot of time obsessing about decisions that didn't work out, get caught in analysis paralysis, endlessly seek other people's opinions to find just that little bit of extra i..
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Model: 9781612198552
_x000D_ In a_x000D_ world where addictive technology is designed to buy and sell our attention,_x000D_ and our value is determined by our 24/7 data productivity, it can seem_x000D_ impossible to escape. But in this inspiring field guide to dropping out of_x000D_ the attention economy,..
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Model: 9781591847748
Everything you want out of life is in that bubbling vat of failure. The trick is to get the good stuff out. Scott Adams has likely failed at more things than anyone you've ever met, including his corporate career, his inventions, his investments, and two restaurants. So how did he go from hapless o..
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Model: 9781941529867
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Model: 9780998018911
Being his wife is only the beginning... Do you long to be adored, treasured, valued, and held dear by your husband? It's not too late! How to Get a Man to Cherish You...if You're His Wife will help you change the way you're treated by the man you love. You'll start by hitting the RESET but..
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Model: 9780785230786
Every day millions of people with high potential are frustrated and held back by incompetent leaders. New York Times bestselling leadership author John C. Maxwell knows this because the number one question he gets asked is about how to lead when the boss isn't a good leader.You don't have to be tr..
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Model: 9780525566144
A collection of essays by fifteen philosophers presenting a thoughtful, introductory guide to choosing a philosophy for living an examined and meaningful life. A VINTAGE ORIGINAL Socrates famously said "the unexamined life is not worth living," but what does it mean to truly live philosophically? Th..
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Model: 9781529105933
Success is not final and failure is not fatal.Maria Hatzistefanis should know. Having spent 20 years building her own company (described by the press as 'an overnight success'), she acknowledges how hard it is to keep going and find your motivation, especially in the face of self-doubt, rejection an..
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Model: 9781615194506
Parents are the first to know when their child starts behaving differently. Has your son stopped eating his favorite food, or does he refuse to eat out with friends? Has your daughter drastically increased her exercise regimen, or become obsessed with health foods? These are among the telltale signs..
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Model: 9780802468512
More than 10 years after "Parenting Your Adult Child" was published, much has changed-- including young adults themselves, as well as their parents. Economic upheavals, challenges to traditional values and beliefs, and the phenomenon of over-involved "helicopter parenting" all make relating to grown..
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Model: 9780671733353
This book can change your life!Through Dale Carnegie’s six-million-copy bestseller recently revised, millions of people have been helped to overcome the worry habit. Dale Carnegie offers a set of practical formulas you can put to work today. In our fast-paced world—formulas that will last a ..
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Model: 9781451663884
The ultimate "parenting bible" (The Boston Globe") with a new Foreword--and available as an eBook for the first time--a timeless, beloved book on how to effectively communicate with your child from the #1 New York Times" bestselling authors. Internationally acclaimed experts on communication between..
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Model: 9781946963024
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Model: 9781626810914
Mark Cuban shares his wealth of experience and business savvy in his first published book, How to Win at the Sport of Business. One of the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs, Mark Cuban has collected and updated the greatest material from his popular blog, "blog maverick," to provide a handbook of ins..
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Model: 9780671027032
For more than sixty years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. Now this previously revised and updated bestseller is available in trade paperback for the first time to help yo..
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