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Little known fact: Buddhist Monks are amazing at cleaning and tidying. In this one-of-a-kind guide to cleaning your home, Buddhist monk Shoukei Matsumoto reveals how to make your home as spotless as it is tranquil and peaceful. For Buddhist monks cleaning well is a cardinal skill and, in A Monk's Gu..
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These days, it’s difficult to appreciate the fame of Edson Arantes do Nascimento—or Pelé. The soccer prodigy who helped Brazil win three World Cups became a global sports superstar at the dawn of the TV era, and like the Beatles, he was famous when there weren’t really rules for it yet. His first-pe..
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Wear just 33 items for 3 months and get back all the JOY you were missing while you were worrying what to wear. In Project 333, minimalist expert and author of Soulful Simplicity Courtney Carver takes a new approach to living simply--starting with your wardrobe. Project 333 promises that not only ca..
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This is a short, entertaining and illuminating introduction to the history and culture of coffee, from the humble origins of the bean in northeast Africa over a millennium ago, to what it is today, a global phenomenon that is enjoyed around the world. It is the perfect gift for coffee lovers, includ..
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Versace-a name that epitomizes Italian opulence, bold sexiness, and a flair for the extravagant-holds its place firmly in the fashion world as a legendary and iconic luxury brand. Taking over the creative artistic direction of the family-run fashion house in 1998, the enigmatic and alluring Donatell..
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Poised to become the essential book on design, Interior Design Master Class collects the expertise and knowledge of the best interior designers working today. Opening Interior Design Master Class_x000D_ is like sitting down to the best dinner party you’ve ever attended. A _x000D_ classic in the mak..
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If you're on a first-name basis with your barista but haven't perfected _x000D_ (or even attempted) making café-quality coffee at home, let Brew show _x000D_ you the way. In this approachable guidebook, author and coffee expert _x000D_ Brian W. Jones demystifies specialty coffee's complexities, teac..
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The Design Thinking Toolbox explains the most important tools and methods to put Design Thinking into action. Based on the largest international survey on the use of design thinking, the most popular methods are described in four pages each by an expert from the global Design Thinking community. If ..
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Learn how to stitch all your favourite flowers, leaves and foliage, with this is collection of tutorials for 200 embroidered flowers and foliage. Discover how to stitch beautiful blooms including roses, daisies, daffodils, pansies and buttercups as well as more exotic blooms.Modern hand embroidery e..
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Wave watchers around the world know that no two waves are the same. Yet each and every wave that rises, peaks, and crashes onto the beach is generated by a much larger force originating thousands of miles away. Surf journalist team Evan Slater and Peter Taras capture the essence of waves and the swe..
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When did you last hang out with Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, and the rest of Dunder Mifflin? It might have been back in 2013, when the series finale aired . . . or it might have been last night, when you watched three episodes in a row. But either way, long after the show first aired, it's more popula..
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With more than 200,000 copies in print, Storey's One-Skein Wonders series is an unqualified success. Now, for the first time in the series, fabric takes center stage And the timing couldn't be better. Sewing machine sales have doubled over the past 10 years, and crafters are discovering the joy of ..
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Clutter Free Real Life Organizing offers clutter free storage solutions and advice that can help you create a Pinterest worthy home on a small budget: Learn how to organize your home, simplify life and have more time for the things you love...
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Explore the groundbreaking history of Wonder Woman through DC Comics _x000D_ covers in this second volume of the miniature art book series.Hold the complete comic covers history of Wonder Woman in the palm of your hands with DC Comics: Wonder Woman: The Complete Covers Omnibus Vol. 2. _x000D_ Featu..
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Achieve harmony crocheting these cuddly ponies! Find peace and harmony while creating these adorable amigurumi characters from My Little Pony Crochet. The step-by-step paperback instruction book has full-color photos so you'll be sure to get each stitch exactly right. The kit contains everything you..
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We are on the cusp of a revolution, where the intersection of _x000D_ technology, the human body, and everyday objects will become completely _x000D_ seamless. Smart textiles are a key part of this revolution.Smart Textiles for Designers_x000D_ introduces the different qualities and properties that..
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If you want to sew your own clothes but are put off by the idea of cutting out pattern pieces covered with dotted lines and symbols, this is the book for you. Using Rosie Martin's innovative method, you begin with nothing but a rectangle, circle, or triangle of fabric and some basic body mea..
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BTS is the breakthrough K-pop band. For the first time, this unofficial biography tells the story of the Korean boy band with a global army of fans, who have propelled their heroes to the top of the charts all over the world.Seven good-looking boys - RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook - wh..
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Aimed at beginners, this book shows how beautiful images can be created from repeating patterns. Accredited Zentangle teacher Jane Marbaix demonstrates a range of patterns one step at a time and offers a sourcebook of her own designs to inspire tanglers to try something different. Proven to reduce s..
Rp 195,000
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This inspiring book chronicles the most influential ideas that have shaped industrial and product design. Written by two experts on modern design, it provides both a concise history of the subject, and offers a fascinating resource to dip into for the general reader. From the origins or modern ..
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Charting the movements, developments and ideas that transformed the way women dress, this book gives a unique perspective on the history of twentieth-century fashion. From the invention of the bias cut and the stiletto heel to the designers who changed the way we think about clothes, the book is ent..
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Freddie Mercury gives fans unprecedented access to one of the world's greatest artists and showmen. This official book contains superb photographs of Freddie Mercury in all aspects of his life. There are photographs from the private collections of his parents, Mr and Mrs Bulsara, from Brian May, as ..
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Enjoy two of life's greatest pleasures - coffee and alcohol - with this comprehensive guide to mixing perfect coffee cocktails. World-class mixologist Jason Clark will inspire, excite and educate you by taking you behind the bar for a masterclass in creating coffee-based cocktails.First take a jo..
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Craft beer is changing everything about how people drink - and it's high time it was invited to the dinner table. _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ The growth in craft beer is a full-blown phenomenon _x000D_..
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Entertain your friends and family with sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! As the world's appetite for Japanese sushi continues to skyrocket, the Sushi Art Cookbook introduces readers to the art of creating sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! Author Ken Kawasumi principal lecturer at..
Rp 270,000
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Nail art is a way to make your own personal statement as well as turn your nails into the hottest fashion accessories around. In Nail Art Sourcebook, you will find hundreds of ideas for designs using a full range of effects, all of which you can do yourself or take to a nail technician to execute pr..
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The ultimate gift for the food lover. In the same way that 1,000 Places to See Before You Die reinvented the travel book, 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die is a joyous, informative, dazzling, mouthwatering life list of the world’s best food. The long-awaited new book in the phenomenal 1,000 . . . Be..
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A little book on the Swedish tradition of fika-the twice-daily coffee break-including facts, quotes, tips, and 20 sweet and savory recipes.While the Danish concept of hygge as caught on around the globe, so has lagom-its Swedish counterpart. An essential part of the lagom lifestyle, fika is the..
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With Make It Your Own: Bathrooms, D-I-Y projects are easier, more fun, and less time consuming than ever! This inspiring guide offers 50 simple and approachable projects to create a look that is totally unique. Each project is accompanied by photos, practical ideas, step-by-step instructions and mat..
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From China to the Philippines, from Thailand to Australia, this book features the Pacific basin. It is a guide to the region's healing traditions and luxury spas...
Rp 209,000
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Packed with more coffee knowledge than your local roaster and faithful barista combined, this fun, cleverly illustrated, highly informative guide presents a whole new way to understand and enjoy all types of coffee. Perfect for the coffee novice, it's also chock-full of expert information that even ..
Rp 345,000
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Answers to help home decorators make their favorite colors work in any space._x000D_ _x000D_ Innovative color ideas that incorporate paints, fabrics, and accessories._x000D_ _x000D_ Color basics and how-to techniques for every room in the house boost decorating confidence._x000D_ _x000D_ Unique colo..
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501 Great Places to Stay features a wonderful selection of appealing places to stay. How about an underwater bedroom where the fish are looking in at you, or a treehouse you share with forest birds? An old bullring in Mexico or traditional riad in Morocco? A magical safari camp in the Galapagos or v..
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This title offers 320 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion, from light bites, brunches and buffets to dinner parties, shown in 1000 photographs. It features everything you need to know about successful party planning, with advice on budgets, drawing up a guest list and invitations, as well as es..
Rp 155,000
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_x000D_ Become the David Beckham of the boardroom! Soccer has finally come off the field and into the office with Finger Soccer. The kit includes a soccer mat, two goal posts, one soccer ball, two pairs of soccer cleats for your fingers, and a 32-page book to help you create your very own miniature ..
Rp 132,000
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A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and his gang of friends in Hundred Acre Wood have been near and dear to the hearts of both children and adults for 90 years, and represent friendship, simple joys, and the curious yet gentle nature of a child’s imagination._x000D_ _x000D_  _x000D_ _x000D_ This mini ..
Rp 109,000
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Celebrity makeup artist and TV makeover specialist Ramy Gafni knows no one is born perfect, not even his famous clients. In How to Fake Real Beauty, the makeup guru shares his secrets to enhancing a woman's natural beauty while "faking" what she doesn't have. Some people are thought to be born with ..
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This is a how-to decorating book featuring sophisticated interiors in a wide-range of styles - spanning the spectrum from modern to traditional, from bohemian to more formal...
Rp 659,000
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The first monograph on the interior design work of the New York–based _x000D_ architect and an essential resource for those seeking to create _x000D_ luxurious modernist spaces. Inson Wood is renowned for designing elegant_x000D_ interiors with richness, texture, and impeccable proportions. A _x000..
Rp 875,000
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The first book from designer Michelle Nussbaumer features her _x000D_ dramatically lush interiors and shows readers how spaces can be inspired_x000D_ by travel and filled with treasures from around the world. As a curator_x000D_ who discovers exquisite treasures all over the world for her projects..
Rp 799,000
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An insider’s tour of the most creative and inspiring rooms belonging to tastemakers—artists, interior designers, craftspeople, collectors, and aristocrats—in Italy today. Italy has been a source of inspiration for generations of artists and lovers of beauty. In this book, Italians Oberto Gili and Ma..
Rp 998,000
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Practical advice and information about techniques, equipment and choosing the best ingedients. Over 70 tasty recipes for a complete range of pickles, chutneys, and relishes._x000D_..
Rp 110,000
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A feast of indulgent delights await you in this fantastic book of _x000D_ frosted decadence. Every recipe has been carefully selected by _x000D_ recognised experts who want you to enjoy the ultimate in cupcake heaven._x000D_ Whether you are a novice, or an experienced baker, there is something _x00..
Rp 209,000
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Do it yourself 100+ paint projects Fresh ideas for your home Paint refreshes your home-in a snap and on a budget! Paint and creativity are all you need to add color and personality to any surface-fabrics, furniture, walls, and more. The experts at Do It Yourself magazine have compiled their favorite..
Rp 139,000
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The "Prophet of Pressure Cooking" Debra _x000D_ Murray brings you 200 incredible pressure cooking recipes for your _x000D_ family table. Preparing delicious suppers and magnificent desserts _x000D_ doesn't have to be work - with the magic of a pressure cooker and this _x000D_ book of easy-to-follow ..
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A New York Times BestsellerHave you put on weight in recent years that you can't lose? Do you crave more energy and stamina in your day? Is your skin drier than it used to be? Has your hair started to feel dry and look limp?If you said yes to one or more of these questions, then Glow15 is your answe..
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All chefs love and cherish cookbooks, and increasingly, cookbooks have become treasured manuals of the trade as well as beautiful art objects. The Chef’s Library is the world’s first attempt to bring together in a single volume a comprehensive collection of cookbooks that are highly rated and actual..
Rp 645,000
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Meet 20 beautiful, creative French women who live with passion; work every day; and love to take care ot their homes and families. Visit them in their grand chateaux or charming little country cottages or Parisian apartments. Learn where they shop, where they work, where they play, how they dress, a..
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