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Model: 9781580089289
The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. A pioneer in American cuisine, chef Grant Achatz represents the best of the molecular gastronomy movement--brilliant fundamentals and exquisite taste paired with a groundbreaking approach to new techniques and equ..
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Model: 9780989888226
If you're on a first-name basis with your barista but haven't perfected _x000D_ (or even attempted) making café-quality coffee at home, let Brew show _x000D_ you the way. In this approachable guidebook, author and coffee expert _x000D_ Brian W. Jones demystifies specialty coffee's complexities, teac..
Rp 545,000
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Model: 9780143125334
In Cooked, Michael Pollan explores the previously uncharted territory of his own kitchen. Here, he discovers the enduring power of the four classical elements—fire, water, air, and earth—to transform the stuff of nature into delicious things to eat and drink. Apprenticing himself to a succession of ..
Rp 314,000
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Model: 9782812310737
In the middle of the twentieth century, Pierre Desfontaines, cousin of Louis Ernest Laduree, created the first Laduree macaron by having the genius to stick two macaron cookies together and fill them with a flavorful ganache. Ever since then, the preparation has stayed the same. Each season Laduree ..
Rp 698,000
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Model: 9784805314371
Entertain your friends and family with sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! As the world's appetite for Japanese sushi continues to skyrocket, the Sushi Art Cookbook introduces readers to the art of creating sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! Author Ken Kawasumi principal lecturer at..
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Model: 9780789213129
Rp 480,000
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Model: 9781788790437
Enjoy two of life's greatest pleasures - coffee and alcohol - with this comprehensive guide to mixing perfect coffee cocktails. World-class mixologist Jason Clark will inspire, excite and educate you by taking you behind the bar for a masterclass in creating coffee-based cocktails.First take a jo..
Rp 372,000
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Model: 9781911026785
Craft beer is changing everything about how people drink - and it's high time it was invited to the dinner table. _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ The growth in craft beer is a full-blown phenomenon _x000D_..
Rp 369,000
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Model: 9780688044022
If you ever bake a cake, this book will become your partner in the kitchen. -- from the foreword by Maida HeatterThis is the classic cake cookbook that enables anyone to make delicious, exquisite cakes. As a writer for food magazines, women's magazines, and newspapers, including The New York Times, ..
Rp 655,000
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Model: 9780062215758
The homebrewer's bible--everything you need to know to brew beer at home from start to finish, including new recipes, updated charts on hop varieties, secrets to fermentation, beer kit tips, and more--from the master of homebrewingThe Complete Joy of Homebrewing is the essential guide to understandi..
Rp 436,000
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Model: 9780470891988
The essential guide to truly stunning desserts from pastry chef Francisco Migoya. He begins with the essential elements of contemporary desserts - like mousses, doughs, and ganaches - showing pastry chefs and students how to master those building blocks before molding and incorporating them into cre..
Rp 1,135,000
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Model: 9780778801818
"An enhanced bestseller that features 16 new, additional photographs. " The first edition of "The Juicing Bible" won the 2000 International Cookbook Revue Award and has over 500,00 copies in print. It continues to be one of the bestselling juicing books in the marketplace. In response to consumer d..
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Model: 9780712352307
This is a short, entertaining and illuminating introduction to the history and culture of coffee, from the humble origins of the bean in northeast Africa over a millennium ago, to what it is today, a global phenomenon that is enjoyed around the world. It is the perfect gift for coffee lovers, includ..
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Model: 9781645670346
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Model: 9780761141686
The ultimate gift for the food lover. In the same way that 1,000 Places to See Before You Die reinvented the travel book, 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die is a joyous, informative, dazzling, mouthwatering life list of the world’s best food. The long-awaited new book in the phenomenal 1,000 . . . Be..
Rp 389,000
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Model: 9781449489847
A little book on the Swedish tradition of fika-the twice-daily coffee break-including facts, quotes, tips, and 20 sweet and savory recipes.While the Danish concept of hygge as caught on around the globe, so has lagom-its Swedish counterpart. An essential part of the lagom lifestyle, fika is the..
Rp 179,000
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Model: 9780600636427
Packed with more coffee knowledge than your local roaster and faithful barista combined, this fun, cleverly illustrated, highly informative guide presents a whole new way to understand and enjoy all types of coffee. Perfect for the coffee novice, it's also chock-full of expert information that even ..
Rp 345,000
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Model: 9780754827047
This title offers 320 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion, from light bites, brunches and buffets to dinner parties, shown in 1000 photographs. It features everything you need to know about successful party planning, with advice on budgets, drawing up a guest list and invitations, as well as es..
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Model: 9780857234162
Practical advice and information about techniques, equipment and choosing the best ingedients. Over 70 tasty recipes for a complete range of pickles, chutneys, and relishes._x000D_..
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Model: 9780857807267
A feast of indulgent delights await you in this fantastic book of _x000D_ frosted decadence. Every recipe has been carefully selected by _x000D_ recognised experts who want you to enjoy the ultimate in cupcake heaven._x000D_ Whether you are a novice, or an experienced baker, there is something _x00..
Rp 209,000
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Model: 9781250096135
The "Prophet of Pressure Cooking" Debra _x000D_ Murray brings you 200 incredible pressure cooking recipes for your _x000D_ family table. Preparing delicious suppers and magnificent desserts _x000D_ doesn't have to be work - with the magic of a pressure cooker and this _x000D_ book of easy-to-follow ..
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Model: 9781405371186
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Model: 9781419720802
All chefs love and cherish cookbooks, and increasingly, cookbooks have become treasured manuals of the trade as well as beautiful art objects. The Chef’s Library is the world’s first attempt to bring together in a single volume a comprehensive collection of cookbooks that are highly rated and actual..
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Model: 9781452141169
Who doesn't love a taste of cake and ice cream? Featuring recipes and accompanying photographs culled from Chronicle Books' most popular cookbooks, this collection is an ideal treat for dessert lovers looking for foolproof recipes perfect for any occasion. With 20 scrumptious treats, from Sky-High S..
Rp 242,000
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Model: 9781510708983
We know that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a _x000D_ day—that’s a lot of water! People often substitute with coffee or tea, _x000D_ but do we really want all that extra caffeine and acid? Soft drinks have_x000D_ too many calories, and diet drinks are full of chemicals. The e..
Rp 335,000
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Model: 9781579657635
Create extraordinary pizza at home with this curated collection of recipes from the acclaimed chefs at Franny's in Brooklyn. They redefined what a pizza could be and now show you how to make it your own.The Artisanal Kitchen cookbook series brings together great chefs and appealing subjects to add a..
Rp 225,000
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Model: 9781579657642
Revel in the Italian way with vegetables. This curated collection of recipes from the acclaimed chefs at Franny's in Brooklyn will transform the way you cook through the seasons and make every meal more satisfying.The Artisanal Kitchen cookbook series brings together great chefs and appealing subjec..
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Model: 9781770859142
Includes five ready-to-use stencils and a gallery of latte art. You cannot go into a specialty coffee shop these days without a barista performing creative magic in your cup while you wait. On a bad day, you might get a flower or a 3D heart from a sympathetic barista, but fancy coffees are not ..
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Model: 9781781973080
Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for Babies and Toddlers...
Rp 165,000
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Model: 9781786709097
With wholesome recipes and ways to decorate your , this guide with introduce you to the concept and what it might mean for you a you might discover that a small amount of hygge goes a long way.Why do people often say that Denmark is the happiest country in the world? Count it be down to hygge? Prono..
Rp 35,000
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Model: 9781787013599
Packed with over 150 amazing coffee experiences in 37 countries, from its birthplace in East Africa, to modern-day Cuba, the United States, Australia and the UK, this follow-up to our hugely popular Global Beer Tour features legendary espresso bars, plantation tours, urban roasteries and must-visit ..
Rp 315,000
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Model: 9781787132481
'Simon Hopkinson is a classically trained chef with the heart of a home cook.' Nigella Lawson 'The Vegetarian Option performs the brilliant feat of being vegetarian without being vegetarian. Without an ounce of quorn or the merest sight of a nut cutlet, every recipe illuminates, and there is no..
Rp 299,000
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Model: 9781843094005
Wonderfully flavored comfort food that's both easy to prepare and easy to serve. Over 180 one-pot, slow-pot and clay-pot recipes from around the world, with useful cook's tips and step-by-step techniques. Includes soups, first courses and side dishes, stove-top stews and casseroles, roasts and pot-r..
Rp 140,000
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Model: 9781844765058
This step-by-step volume on simple, successful cooking and eating outside offers a superb range of fresh and flavorsome barbecue treats. With advice on everything from griddling vegetables to perfection, getting the best out of your burgers and preparing a fruity punch, it's the perfect guide to cre..
Rp 144,000
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Model: 9781844766321
Over 55 glorious recipes, from vibrant Blackcurrant Sorbet to indulgent Triple Chocolate Terrine. Step-by-step how-to sequences throughout show techniques, and a glorious picture of every finished recipe shows exactly what to aim for - with 350 colour photographs in total...
Rp 144,000
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Model: 9781844768509
This title offers over 70 of the most popular cheese recipes from all around the world. This is a collection of fabulous dishes featuring a wide range of cheeses, from Mozzarella and Manchego to Feta and Cheddar - fresh, melted, grilled, baked, grated, deep-fried and more. It includes a special dess..
Rp 110,000
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Model: 9781844769902
This title includes authentic and iconic curry dishes with step-by-step recipes from around the world and over 325 mouth-watering photographs. It is a dazzling collection of international curries from kormas and karahi to balti, biryani and pilaus, from all around the world including India, Thailand..
Rp 144,000
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Model: 9781844769094
Whether throwing a cocktail party, a birthday buffet or a summer picnic, Party Food has all the information and recipes you will need. Plan your menu down to the last detail with over 120 recipes to select from._x000D_..
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Model: 9781844775231
Rp 189,000
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Model: 9781846814822
A superb collection of 500 recipes featuring an appetiser for every type of occasion, from first courses and finger foods to party bites._x000D_ _x000D_ Includes, dips, hot and cold soups, salads, pates, terrine and mousses, cheese and eggs, poultry and meat, fish and shellfish and hearty vegetable ..
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Model: 9781846818615
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Model: 9781846818974
Rp 144,000
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Model: 9781849758444
With over 1 billion video views and counting, the smash-hit online _x000D_ food channel TWISTED has rescued countless viewers from the dreaded _x000D_ mealtime apocalypse. Now you too can step into the light. TWISTED:_x000D_ THE COOKBOOK features a collection of TWISTED’s most foodgasmic, _x000D_ m..
Rp 199,000
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Model: 9781856269216
This is an exhilarating and practical cookbook for food with extra sparkle, full of bold, delectable and sometimes surprising recipes to create unforgettable meals. There are easy, interactive recipes for your guests to cook, dip or mix at the table - meals that turn a simple supper into a party. St..
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