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Model: 9780143133339
Little known fact: Buddhist Monks are amazing at cleaning and tidying. In this one-of-a-kind guide to cleaning your home, Buddhist monk Shoukei Matsumoto reveals how to make your home as spotless as it is tranquil and peaceful. For Buddhist monks cleaning well is a cardinal skill and, in A Monk's Gu..
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Model: 9780847848904
Poised to become the essential book on design, Interior Design Master Class collects the expertise and knowledge of the best interior designers working today. Opening Interior Design Master Class_x000D_ is like sitting down to the best dinner party you’ve ever attended. A _x000D_ classic in the mak..
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Model: 9780525541455
Wear just 33 items for 3 months and get back all the JOY you were missing while you were worrying what to wear. In Project 333, minimalist expert and author of Soulful Simplicity Courtney Carver takes a new approach to living simply--starting with your wardrobe. Project 333 promises that not only ca..
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Model: 9781633535190
Clutter Free Real Life Organizing offers clutter free storage solutions and advice that can help you create a Pinterest worthy home on a small budget: Learn how to organize your home, simplify life and have more time for the things you love...
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Model: 9780789416575
In-depth information on the history, cultivation, and uses of hundreds of specimens...
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Model: 9781618371164
Rp 362,000
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Model: 9780376016362
With Make It Your Own: Bathrooms, D-I-Y projects are easier, more fun, and less time consuming than ever! This inspiring guide offers 50 simple and approachable projects to create a look that is totally unique. Each project is accompanied by photos, practical ideas, step-by-step instructions and mat..
Rp 99,000
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Model: 9780500286203
From China to the Philippines, from Thailand to Australia, this book features the Pacific basin. It is a guide to the region's healing traditions and luxury spas...
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Model: 9780500517352
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Model: 9780696221262
Answers to help home decorators make their favorite colors work in any space._x000D_ _x000D_ Innovative color ideas that incorporate paints, fabrics, and accessories._x000D_ _x000D_ Color basics and how-to techniques for every room in the house boost decorating confidence._x000D_ _x000D_ Unique colo..
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Model: 9780696216299
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Model: 9780753726969
501 Great Places to Stay features a wonderful selection of appealing places to stay. How about an underwater bedroom where the fish are looking in at you, or a treehouse you share with forest birds? An old bullring in Mexico or traditional riad in Morocco? A magical safari camp in the Galapagos or v..
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Model: 9780847842339
This is a how-to decorating book featuring sophisticated interiors in a wide-range of styles - spanning the spectrum from modern to traditional, from bohemian to more formal...
Rp 659,000
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Model: 9780847848737
The first monograph on the interior design work of the New York–based _x000D_ architect and an essential resource for those seeking to create _x000D_ luxurious modernist spaces. Inson Wood is renowned for designing elegant_x000D_ interiors with richness, texture, and impeccable proportions. A _x000..
Rp 875,000
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Model: 9780847848911
The first book from designer Michelle Nussbaumer features her _x000D_ dramatically lush interiors and shows readers how spaces can be inspired_x000D_ by travel and filled with treasures from around the world. As a curator_x000D_ who discovers exquisite treasures all over the world for her projects..
Rp 799,000
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Model: 9781118031636
Do it yourself 100+ paint projects Fresh ideas for your home Paint refreshes your home-in a snap and on a budget! Paint and creativity are all you need to add color and personality to any surface-fabrics, furniture, walls, and more. The experts at Do It Yourself magazine have compiled their favorite..
Rp 139,000
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Model: 9781423637875
Meet 20 beautiful, creative French women who live with passion; work every day; and love to take care ot their homes and families. Visit them in their grand chateaux or charming little country cottages or Parisian apartments. Learn where they shop, where they work, where they play, how they dress, a..
Rp 638,000
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Model: 9781465427083
Handmade Interiors shows you how to create your own soft furnishings, such as cushions and curtains, and transform every room in the house._x000D_ Give your home a charm all its own with this comprehensive one-stop guide to creating custom-made soft furnishings. Handmade Interiors guides you through..
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Model: 9781580932998
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Model: 9781600855207
Readers will be inspired by this series of visual ideas for some of the most-used rooms in the house. Each book is rich with beautiful color photographs, practical sidebars -- and designs of all kinds that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and budgets.The Bathroom Idea Book offers practical and ..
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Model: 9781849756655
Putting together a creative and inspiring environment for children is perhaps one of the most exciting interior projects, yet it is also one of the hardest to get right. 'Creative Children's Spaces' is here to change that. Firstly, Ashlyn Gibson sets out to make sense of the basics, providing a valu..
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Model: 9781849756662
Rediscover the simple pleasures of keeping house with hints and tips that will revolutionize the way you live in an love your home. Fresh clean sheets, white fluffy towels and a gleaming, well-stocked kitchen - these are the old-fashioned pleasures that make our busy lives more manageable. But how d..
Rp 395,000
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Model: 9781849758024
In Modern Vintage Style, Emily Chalmers—interiors stylist and _x000D_ owner of hip boutique Caravan—shows how using vintage items in a _x000D_ contemporary context can introduce humor, flair, and personality to any _x000D_ home. Think antique and brand new, machine-made and _x000D_ handcrafted, shin..
Rp 415,000
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Model: 9781905825622
This essential guide to bathrooms offers imaginative design and _x000D_ decorating tips for every home and is filled with easily achievable _x000D_ ideas, styled exclusively for this book...
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Model: 9783864072673
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Model: 9788416500062
In recent years, the concept of the kitchen has changed dramatically. It has gone from a place only though of for preparing meals to meeting point for family and friends, becoming one of the most important rooms in a home. This superbly illustrated volume brings together an number of projects that h..
Rp 399,000
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Model: 9788415829874
Filled with superb full-colour photography, Ultimate Interiors presents readers with an unrivalled source of inspiration for designing - or re-designing - every area of your home. With chapters covering entrance halls, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and children's bedroom..
Rp 519,000
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Model: 9788499362472
Each volume focusses on one of the key factors that play a role in _x000D_ decoration - Color, Storage, Accessories, Lighting, Flooring & _x000D_ Materials or on different kinds of houses or spaces - Rooms for fun, _x000D_ Rooms for kids or Urban apartments. The photographs, accompanied b..
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Model: 9788492731879
The Sketch book provides a readily available support for anyone to put _x000D_ down on paper one's thoughts, ideas, notes. Sketch books are highly _x000D_ personalized and eventually result in interesting compilations of text, _x000D_ scribbles, simple pencil sketches, elaborate ink drawings, color ..
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Model: 9788496936720 is the largest exporter of books from Ireland currently exporting to approximately 100 countries around the world. Kennys Bookshop houses hundreds of thousands of books and specialises in collection development and library services, supplying booksellers and state and university libraries ..
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Model: 9788499367750
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Model: 9788499368627
PTang Studio is an architectural and interior design firm that seeks for_x000D_ the finest quality and innovation. With a fresh and unique style, this _x000D_ studio gets back to basics while looking for comfort and understanding _x000D_ individual needs. Their aim is to develop projects that trans..
Rp 495,000
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Model: 9789812452641
This book is a trip through the different rooms of an apartment and how today's best known interior architects and decorators have influenced the each one of the spaces with their new concepts' and ideas. This book is also a richly illustrated exploration of residential interior decoration from arou..
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Model: 9789814394161
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Model: 9789814394314
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Model: 9781605295725
50 stylish projects from the aisles of the home improvement centerIn Home from the Hardware Store, artist and designer Stephen Antonson and his wife, Kathleen Hackett ply the aisles of the home improvement center and emerge with a host of ideas for clever, original decorative objects any interior de..
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Model: 9783864075070
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Model: 9781682683316
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Model: 9780865341111
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Model: 9781551053813
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Model: 9780358106425
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Model: 9780764541711
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