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Rp 332,000
Ex Tax:Rp 332,000
Does your home tell the story of your life? A gorgeous, illustrated book designed to inspire us to create a home that is full of things that are meaningful and reflect who we are - by the design expert who rose to fame on the Oprah Winfrey Show and through his own daytime talk show...
Rp 786,000
Ex Tax:Rp 786,000
Fully explaining all stages of the craft of timber building - from planning and designing to actual construction - this book includes chapters on house plans, site development, foundation laying, insulation, timber assembly, and raising...
Rp 436,000
Ex Tax:Rp 436,000
This title provides a comprehensive overview of the contemporary English garden scene, by the dream team of Tim Richardson, most perceptive and insightful of contemporary writers on gardens, and renowned garden photographer Andrew Lawson...
Rp 1,222,000
Ex Tax:Rp 1,222,000
This volume takes the guesswork out of gardening and offers each of us the opportunity to create the garden of our dreams. It includes the authors' personal choices of the 1200 most beautiful and most dependable plants."..
Rp 523,000
Ex Tax:Rp 523,000
Rp 1,221,000
Ex Tax:Rp 1,221,000
The ultimate guide for the housekeeping-impaired Bestselling author Mindy Starns Clark delves into the reasons behind chronic messiness and helps you find the permanent solution you've been looking for. Using "horizontal thinking," Mindy will teach you how to set up your home so efficiently and log..
Rp 262,000
Ex Tax:Rp 262,000
The classic bestselling resource for every American home. Choosing fabrics, cleaning china, keeping the piano in tune, making a good fire, folding a fitted sheet, setting the dining room table, keeping surfaces free of food pathogens, watering plants, removing stains -- "Home Comforts" addresses the..
Rp 384,000
Ex Tax:Rp 384,000
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