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Model: 9780008116095
'Napoleon is an out-and-out masterpiece and a joy to read' Sir Antony Beevor, author of Stalingrad_x000D_ _x000D_ A landmark new biography that presents _x000D_ the man behind the many myths. The first writer in English to go back to_x000..
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Model: 9780008201418
A SPECTATOR BOOK OF THE YEAR`History that reads like biography that reads like a novel - a fluid narrative that defies expectations and plays against type' New York Times`Brilliant and savage' Philip HensherAn unprecedented history of the personality test conceived a century ago by a mother and her ..
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Model: 9780008210915
With the End in Mind is a book for us all: the grieving and bereaved, ill and healthy. Open these pages and you will find stories about people who are like you, and like people you know and love. You will meet Holly, who danced her last day away; Eric, the retired head teacher who, even with Motor N..
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Model: 9780008241643
From the founder of the worldwide 30% Club campaign comes a career book for women in a transforming world who don't just want to lean in, but instead, shatter the paradigm as we know it.`I absolutely love her, I think she's such a force for good' Pandora Sykes, The High LowIn A Good Time to be a Gir..
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Model: 9780008242084
In troubling times, it's tempting to retreat to our comfort zones But sticking with what we know means we limit our experiences, reduce our reach, and nurture prejudice What if integration was the key to a brighter future? Through inspiring stories, up-to-the-minute evidence, and case studies from a..
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Model: 9780008276300
SHORTLISTED FOR THE FINANCIAL TIMES AND MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2019From one of the most important economic thinkers of our time, a brilliant and far-seeing analysis of the current populist backlash against globalization and how revitalising community can save liberal market democra..
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Model: 9780008282301
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Model: 9780008288198
In The Creativity Code, Marcus du Sautoy examines the nature of creativity, asking how much of our emotional response to art is a product of our brains reacting to pattern and structure, and exactly what it is to be creative in mathematics, art, language and music.Exploring how long it might be befo..
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Model: 9780008305666
When we learn, we change what we believe and how we interact with the world. This changes who we are as people and what we can achieve.Many people grow up being told they are 'not a maths person' or perhaps 'not smart'. They come to believe their potential is limited.Now, however, the latest science..
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Model: 9780008324582
Another terrific book by Rob Eastaway' SIMON SINGH'A delightfully accessible guide to how to play with numbers' HANNAH FRYHow many cats are there in the world?What's the chance of winning the lottery twice?And just how long does it take to count to a million?Learn how to tackle tricky maths problems..
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Model: 9780008327606
A wide-ranging collection of quotes from the new Pope's writings and speeches, revealing his opinions on the moral issues surrounding the Catholic Church today. Pope Francis won the hearts of Catholics all over the world when he was elected in March 2013, with his natural humility and commitment t..
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Model: 9780060884598
_x000D_ _x000D_ In sumptuous and illuminating detail, Simon Winchester, the bestselling author of The Professor and the Madman ("Elegant and scrupulous"—New York Times Book Review) andKrakatoa ("A mesmerizing page-turner"—Time) brings to life the extraordinary story of Joseph Needha..
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Model: 9780061336454
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it!Have_x000D_ you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others_x000D_ are destined for a life of financial struggle? Is the difference found _x000D_ in their education, intelli..
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Model: 9780062068927
From Debbie Ford, the author whose inspiring words have helped millions of readers, Courage has the power to change your life. A tried-and-tested, process-driven approach to conquering our fears, accepting our flaws, and tapping into our potential, Courage will help readers disco..
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Model: 9780062369284
In 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton owed millions of dollars in legal debt. Since then, they've earned over $130 million. Where did the money come from? Most people assume that the Clintons amassed their wealth through lucrative book deals and high-six figure fees for speaking gigs. Now, Peter Schweiz..
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Model: 9780062415561
Using the letters Warren Buffett wrote to his_x000D_ partners between 1956 and 1970, a veteran financial advisor presents _x000D_ the renowned guru’s “ground rules” for investing—guidelines that remain _x000D_ startlingly relevant today.In the fourteen years between his time_x000D_ in New York wit..
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Model: 9780062433503
A radical reappraisal of Charles Darwin from the bestselling author of Victoria: A Life.With the publication of On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin--hailed as the man who "discovered evolution"--was propelled into the pantheon of great scientific thinkers, alongside Galileo, Copernicus, and New..
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Model: 9780062437228
NATIONAL BESTSELLERThe world has changed in the wake of the #MeToo movement. What comes next? Going beyond the message of Lean In and The Confidence Code, Joanne Lippman, Gannett’s Chief Content Officer, offers solutions to help professionals solve gender gap issues and achieve parity at work in..
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Model: 9780062684769
In the not too distant past, money was simple. You might have had a bank account and a mortgage, perhaps some basic investments. Wall Street didn’t have a reputation for greed and recklessness. That all started to change in the eighties, as our financial systems became increasingly complex, moving b..
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Model: 9780062878816
On a rainy Sunday in 2014, a senior executive at Deutsche Bank was found hanging in his London apartment. Bill Broeksmit had helped build the 150-year-old financial institution into a global colossus, and his sudden death was a mystery, made more so by the bank’s efforts to deter investigation. Broe..
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Model: 9780062950147
Why do you act the way you do? Do you ever feel like you get stuck in_x000D_ destructive cycles that hold you back from living the life you really _x000D_ want? In a dynamic, compelling and aha-filled journey, Stop Doing That Sh*t helps_x000D_ you connect the dots of your “stuff” all the..
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Model: 9780062986252
WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER“An incredible, compelling read. It covers an astonishing amount of ground with basic simplicity and good humor. A masterful starting point for any investor. Tina Hay is a wizard.”—Ben Stein, economist, author, actor and commentatorA handy crash course in personal finan..
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Model: 9780063057524
A neuroscientist's groundbreaking, science-driven plan for revitalizing, nourishing and rejuvenating your most essential asset—your brain.Your brain is the most essential organ in your body. The brain and spinal cord are intimately connected to every bodily system and organ, so when it is balanced e..
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Model: 9780091955007
Trusted maternity nurse Lisa Clegg is on-hand to gently guide you _x000D_ through your child’s toddler years. In this book, you’ll learn _x000D_ everything you need to know to support your toddler’s development, _x000D_ including potty training—when and how to start, behavior—avoiding and _x000D_..
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Model: 9780134193823
New Brand Leadership delivers the first complete, proven blueprint for organizing and executing on global brand marketing. It reflects the authors’ 50+ years of combined experience driving global brand leadership and measurable results across a wide range of industries, at companies ranging from Ma..
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Model: 9780141357270
This is the incredible debut novel from YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella. I have this dream that, secretly, all teenage girls feel exactly like me. And maybe one day, when we realize that we all feel the same, we can all stop pretending we're something we're not...But until that day, I'm goin..
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Model: 9780141982304
You are electing to join a secret underground movement. Membership will _x000D_ require you to conduct research on your immediate environment and _x000D_ complete a variety of assignments designed to creatively disrupt your _x000D_ everyday life. That is all you need to know for now. All else wil..
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Model: 9780141986722
'Thrilling, brilliant, radical ... an admirable defence of humans against machines' GuardianA passionate defence of humanity and a work of radical optimism from the international bestselling author of PostcapitalismHow do we preserve what makes us human in an age of uncertainty? Are we now just cons..
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Model: 9780143108467
Feeling stuck creatively, or just missing your spark? Try The _x000D_ Line--perfect for creators, or anyone looking for an adventure From the_x000D_ revolutionary mind of Wreck This Journal author Keri Smith comes an _x000D_ encouraging guide to discovering and trusting your inner voice, all _x..
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Model: 9780192732620
The all new Oxford First Dictionary, with bright, contemporary artwork _x000D_ and easy to use page design, is the best dictionary for children in _x000D_ their early school years. With 1000 accessible entries in alphabetical _x000D_ order, including simple, easy-to-read meanings, and plurals, and ..
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Model: 9780192747099
This authoritative new edition of the bestselling Oxford School Thesaurus boosts vocabulary and improves writing skills through new curriculum support. With the help of the Oxford Children's Corpus, the largest bank of children's language in English, the thesaurus is able to proivde a range of caref..
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Model: 9780192747112
This authoritative new edition of the bestselling Oxford School Thesaurus boosts vocabulary and improves writing skills through new curriculum support. With the help of the Oxford Children's Corpus, the largest bank of children's language in English, the thesaurus is able to proivde a range of caref..
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Model: 9780230772588
THREE TOP MBA PROFESSORS - ONE BIG ROAD TRIP Full of powerful insights about product differentiation, pricing, brand management and tactics for battling the 'Big Boys', The Roadside MBA takes the blue-chip knowledge and tactics of Wall Street, and brings them to the High Street. Paul Oyer, Michael M..
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Model: 9780233005362
Produced in association with the Natural History Museum, London, this stunning volumeoffers an in-depth examination of one of the significant figures in nineteenth- and twentieth-century science: Charles Darwin. Take a look at the life of the incredible scientist who forever altered our view of..
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Model: 9780233005706
Well researched, insightful, and accessibly written, Hawking: The Man, the Genius, and the Theory of Everything is a tribute to an astounding life and a celebration of one man’s world-changing work. On March 14, 2018, the world said goodbye to one of science’s great popularizers. Step..
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Model: 9780241003671
In Do Less, Get More, entrepreneur and bestselling author Shaa Wasmund reveals that the key to fulfilment isn't doing more, it's doing what matters. Is your life how you imagined it would be, or is the reality more stressful than you planned? Do you put yourself under too much pressure to succeed? A..
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Model: 9780241009185
Cofounder of Fast Company magazine and bestselling author of Mavericks at Work and Practically Radical shows how true business innovation can spring from the unlikeliest places. Far_x000D_ away from Silicon Valley, in familiar, traditional, even unglamorous _x000D_ fields, ordinary people are ..
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Model: 9780241014837
Take your passion and make it happen with The Idea In You by Martin Amor and Alex Pellew Do you have an idea in you? A hobby, a project, a product ... something that could change your life? The Idea in You is a bulletproof system for finding the right idea and shaping it in to a success - on your ow..
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Model: 9780241015469
From Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to Shelley's Frankenstein, the _x000D_ Literature Book documents the greatest literature ever written. _x000D_ Featuring over 100 best-selling books, plays and poetry from all over _x000D_ the world, including Latin American and African fiction, the Literature _x00..
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Model: 9780241182291
The Sociology Book takes on some of humankind's biggest questions: What is society? What makes it tick? Why do we interact in the way that we do with our friends, coworkers, and rivals? The Sociology Book profiles the world's most renowned sociologists and more than 100 of their biggest ideas, inclu..
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Model: 9780241228425
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Model: 9780241245002
A family, and the security to enjoy it: That’s all Tom and Anna Reed ever wanted. But years of infertility treatments, including four failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, have left them with neither. The emotional and financial costs are straining their marriage and endangering their dreams. T..
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Model: 9780241302033
** FROM THE INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ****Previously published as The Little Book of Lykke**"A wonderful guide to happy living. It's based on hard evidence and written with a wonderful sense of fun" Richard Layard, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE and author of HappinessHappiness is jus..
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Model: 9780241317693
Explore the human mind and understand the science behind how you and other people in your life think and act in a wide range of everyday situations with this brand new visual guide to applied psychology.Using straightforward definitions and clear, striking visuals, The Psychology Handbook makes the ..
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Model: 9780241350386
Explore ecology in this accessible introduction to how the natural world works and how we have started to understand the environment, ecosystems, and climate change. Using a bold, graphic-led approach, The Ecology Book explores and explains over 85 of the key ideas, movements, and acts that hav..
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Model: 9780241373668
'Full of compelling advice on how to lead more effectively by choosing your words more wisely' - ADAM GRANT, author of Originals and Give and TakeFT Book of the MonthYour words matter more than you thinkMost of us use the language we inherited from a time when workers worked with their hands and man..
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Model: 9780241393642
'I am afraid of being the disruptive woman. And of not being disruptive enough. I am afraid. But I am doing it anyway.' _x000D_ _x000D_ In this dazzling debut, Emilie Pine speaks _x000D_ powerfully from her painful personal experience - on the emotional..
Rp 299,000
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Model: 9780241399484
'Finally! The book that millions of people have been crying out for. An empowering guide of how to use your work to achieve independence, inspiration and - crucially - balance' Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and VP, TwitterYou want to go freelance. You want to make your career work for you..
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Model: 9780241406786
Forget the old concept of the 9-5. Companies around the world are redesigning the work week to increase efficiency, health and happiness in their workers.A growing number of businesses are shortening their working week to address problems with low productivity, poor mental health and unequal working..
Rp 315,000
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Model: 9780241491515
A riveting, deeply personal account of history in the making—from the president who inspired us to believe in the power of democracyIn the stirring, highly anticipated first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable odyssey from young man searching for hi..
Rp 589,000
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Model: 9780241467930
They know something you don't know. They work inside investment banks, betting companies and social media giants. What are the secrets held by mathematicians and what can everyone else learn from them?Their advantage can be reduced to a small number of equations. Ten of them. And, surprisingly, i..
Rp 379,000
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Model: 9780241972069
**The number one bestseller, with over 150,000 copies sold, which kick-started a mindfulness revolution**'Ruby Wax has written a guide to mindfulness that's as hilarious as it is useful' Arianna Huffington'We are all frazzled, all of us...'Five hundred years ago no one died of stress: we inven..
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Model: 9780262539586
ABOUT CHANGING MINDS Why language ability remains resilient and how it shapes our lives.We acquire our native language, seemingly without effort, in infancy and early childhood. Language is our constant companion throughout our lifetime, even as we age. Indeed, compared with other aspects of cog..
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Model: 9780262539630
Rp 275,000
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Model: 9780307949646
Having led change successfully at three sprawling, monumental _x000D_ organizations—the CIA, Texas A&M University, and the Department of _x000D_ Defense—Robert M. Gates offers the ultimate insider's look at how _x000D_ leaders can transform large organizations and companies. For many _x000D_ Ame..
Rp 278,000
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Model: 9780307959492
From the former secretary of defense and author of the acclaimed #1 best-selling memoir Duty, a characteristically direct, informed, and urgent assessment of why big institutions are failing us and how smart, committed leadership can effect real improvement regardless of scale._x000D_ _x000D_ A..
Rp 450,000
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Model: 9780307985873
An uncommon guide for accomplishing more every day by engaging the _x000D_ unique skill of forgetting, from the creator of the award-winning memory_x000D_ training system BraineticsIs it possible that the answer to_x000D_ becoming a more efficient and effective thinker is learning how to _x000D_ f..
Rp 258,000
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Model: 9780310357773
If you're ready to get unstuck, love your work, and make the dream happen, entrepreneur and business coach Brian Dixon has a message for you: Start with Your People.After one too many burned bridges and failed projects, Brian Dixon set out to discover the secret to work you love and a life that matt..
Rp 285,000
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Model: 9780316395069
The real-world value of knowledge in the mobile-device age.More_x000D_ people know who Khloe Kardashian is than who René Descartes was. Most _x000D_ can't find Delaware on a map; don't know what Frank Lloyd Wright did for_x000D_ living; can't say how many calories are in a Big Mac or how many _x00..
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