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From the New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist a searingly honest memoir of food, weight, self-image, and learning how to feed your hunger while taking care of yourself."I ate and ate and ate in the hopes that if I made myself big, my body would be safe. I buried the girl I was because s..
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The New York Times -bestselling author offers an intimate portrait of America's original first family in this groundbreaking major biography of Mary Ball Washington, George Washington's mother, filled with rich anecdotes and stories that reveal the father of our country in a fresh and original way...
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Madeleine L'Engle reveals what life was like during her forty-year marriage to actor Hugh Franklin. She details their lean years when she was a fledgling writer and he a struggling actor, and their struggle with Hugh's cancer and his subsequent death...
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On December 18, 1999, Julia Butterfly Hill's feet touched the ground for the first time in over two years, as she descended from Luna, a thousandyear-old redwood in Humboldt County, California.Hill had climbed 180 feet up into the tree high on a mountain on December 10, 1997, for what she thought wo..
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The author describes life at her family's old country farmhouse and shares her observations on nature, writing, and the human community...
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