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Florence Scovel Shinn taught generations of readers how to live richer, fuller lives with her four empowering classics: "The Game of Life and How to Play It; Your Word Is Your Wand; The Secret Door to Success; "and "The Power of the Spoken Word. "This volume collects all four of those works, offerin..
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Change your life by changing your beliefs This user's guide to the mind explains how to control the force of subconscious thought with the techniques of autosuggestion and visualization. Learn how to attain self-confidence, create harmonious relationships, accumulate wealth, overcome fears, banish ..
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Dedicated to lost loved ones, Day of the Dead is a November holiday joyfully observed by people of Mexican heritage -- now you can preserve your memories all year long with this pocket-sized notebook Includes 64 pages of blank paper that can be used to save sketches, important numbers, dates, and m..
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"To escape the horror of violent abuse, the two-year-old child "went to sleep" and created the inner world of "the Troops," the 92 voices that shielded her from pain, but that she didn't know existed until adulthood. this is a journey through the fragmented world of the multiple personality--told by..
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Argues that masturbation is a legitimate expression of self love, discusses shared masturbation and how it can enhance sex with a partner, and explains how men and women can become more in tune with their bodies...
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From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power comes the definitive new book on decoding the behavior of the people around youRobert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy into essential texts for seekers of power, unde..
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Women around the world have responded to Cara Alwill Leyba's Girl Code with a resounding YES. Companies like Kate Spade and Macy's have brought her in to teach "the Code." Inc. magazine named Girl Code one of the "Top 9 Inspiring Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read" alongside Lean In, #Girlb..
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INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"This book will change lives."--Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, LoveFrom the host of the award-winning MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast, an indispensable handbook for becoming the creative force of your own life.While most self-help book..
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This Naked Mind has ignited a movement across the country, helping _x000D_ thousands of people forever change their relationship with alcohol. _x000D_ Many people question whether drinking has become too big a part of their_x000D_ lives, and worry that it may even be affecting their health. But, t..
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New York Times-bestselling authors Marc and Angel Chernoff deliver instant inspiration and powerful advice for becoming our best selves. Millions of readers turn to Marc and Angel Chernoff for fresh, intimate insights for a fulfilled life. In this pithy and empowering guide, they collect the very be..
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author, start the new year with this pocket-size inspiration and guidance to keep your transformation on track. For anyone who has ever had trouble staying motivated while trailblazing towards badassery, You Are a Badass Every Day is the companion to keep you f..
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Being a Lazy Genius isn't about doing more or doing less. It's about doing what matters to you. The chorus of "shoulds" is loud. You should enjoy the moment, dream big, have it all, get up before the sun, track your water consumption, go on date nights, and be the best. Or maybe you should ignore wh..
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Just one of these decisions can alter the course of a person's life. What if you decided to master all seven? In this revised and repackaged version of "Mastering the Seven Decisions, "master storyteller and life coach Andy Andrews has fast-forwarded the concept of success and what it takes to make ..
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The first major study of gratitude that shows how "wanting what we have" can measurably change people's lives. Did you know that there is a crucial component of happiness that is often overlooked? Robert Emmons--editor-in-chief of the "Journal of Positive Psychology"--examines what it means to think..
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Are you a highly sensitive person? Do you have a keen imagination and vivid dreams? Is time alone each day as essential to you as food and water? Are you "too shy" or "too sensitive" according to others? Do noise and confusion quickly overwhelm you? If your answers are yes, you may be a Highly Sensi..
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The best-seller that helps you say: " I just said 'no' and I don't feel guilty " Are you letting your kids get away with murder? Are you allowing your mother-in-law to impose her will on you? Are you embarrassed by praise or crushed by criticism? Are you having trouble coping with people? Learn the ..
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" Tell me how a person judges his or her self-esteem, " says pioneering psychologist Nathaniel Branden, " and I will tell you how that person operates at work, in love, in sex, in parenting, in every important aspect of existence--and how high he or she is likely to rise. The reputation you have wit..
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