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What's the big idea? That's a question students are asked all the time in papers, assessments, and standardized writing tests of every sort. Whether summarizing research sources or synopsizing the plot of a two-hundred page novel, the ability to cut through extraneous details and describe the major ..
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Inferring, questioning, determining importance. It's not easy to explain these abstract reading strategies to elementary readers, yet knowing how they work and how to use them is an important first step to connecting with texts. Fortunately Tanny McGregor has developed visual, tangible, everyday les..
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Don and Jenny Killgallon's sentence-composing approach has transformed how writing is taught in thousands of language arts classes, helping students all across America become more proficient, sophisticated writers. Now the Killgallons use their highly effective method for a unique, powerful textbook..
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Special PLC discount when you buy 15 copies of English Learners, Academic Literacy, and Thinking. A $352 value for $282. "For educators individually and collectively who aspire to implement a curriculum based on intellectual quality, and who recognize the importance of infusing the teaching of acade..
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"In this book, George Hillocks teaches us not only what an argument is, but how to teach it and why we should. Essential reading for those preparing ALL students to think critically, write well, and succeed academically in both high school and college." -Jim Burke, Author of The English Teacher's Co..
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"As teachers, we do indeed live narrative lives, and if you read "Engaging Young Writers, Preschool to Grade 1," Matt Glover will help you live out new kinds of stories with the children you teach. I know he's helped me do just that. I'm a better teacher because of what I've learned from him." - Kat..
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For all things In The Middle-including chapter-by-chapter sneak previews, blog posts from Nancie, videos of Nancie, and more-visit "The third edition of In the Middle is my invitation to English teachers, both veterans and novices, to understand writing and reading from the..
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Make abstract qualities like tone, detail, and organization easily visible for young writers with Katie Wood Ray's "In Pictures and in Words." ""If teachers show children how an illustrator's decisions about pictures are a lot like a writer's decisions about words, they form a bridge of understandin..
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"It is our hope that the third edition of Between Worlds gives those involved with English language learners access to current research and language-learning theories as well as effective classroom practice." -David and Yvonne Freeman In this third edition of Between Worlds: Access to Second Languag..
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"I believe each of my students must craft an individual reading life of challenge, whim, curiosity, and hunger, and I've discovered that it is not too late in high school to lead a non-reader to reading. It's never too late."-Penny Kittle Penny Kittle wants us to face the hard truths every English t..
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"Good writing is good writing no matter what genre you're writing in, and I believe that there are only a handful of fundamental craft tools that are essential for any genre-including nonfiction." -Georgia Heard Humanity and warmth are the cornerstones of quality nonfiction writing. But how can stud..
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Read Chapter 2: Exploring Standard 1 Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them "This book will be your roadmap to implementing the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice. The explanations, examples, activities, and suggestions are intended to guide you to a deepened understanding of the..
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For all things Notice & Note, visit You'll find blog posts, videos of Kylene and Bob, community features, and more. Watch Kylene and Bob's webinar on Notice & Note (approx. 30 minutes) "Just as rigor does not reside in the barbell but in the act of lifting it, rigor in r..
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"What if there was a time when things slowed down? No rotations, activities, or worksheets-just you, your kids, and books. Would you take it?" -Debbie Miller and Barbara Moss We know children learn to read by reading. Is independent reading valuable enough to use precious classroom minutes on? Yes, ..
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The bestselling first edition of Essential Linguistics presented the basic concepts of linguistics in everyday language, and showed the connections between linguistic theory and classroom practice. David and Yvonne Freeman make the Second Edition even more valuable by: clearly explaining English pho..
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For all things Upstanders-including chapter-by-chapter sneak previews, blog posts from Smokey and Sara, videos of Sara's classroom and of them talking about the book, and more-visit "Upstanders is about helping young people question the world, build knowledge, become skille..
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Veteran teacher and author Linda Rief has inspired thousands of practitioners across the nation to lead adolescent students on a journey to becoming lifelong readers and writers. In "ReadWriteTeach," Linda offers the what, how, and why of a year's worth of reading and writing for middle and high sch..
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The bestselling Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Learning helped tens of thousands of mainstream elementary teachers ensure that their ELL learners became full members of the school community with the language and content skills they needed for success. In the highly anticipated Second Edition, Pau..
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"These assessment tools make progress in writing as transparent, concrete, and obtainable as possible and put ownership for this progress into the hands of learners, allowing students and teachers to work toward a very clear image of what good writing entails." -Lucy Calkins, Writing Pathways Lucy ..
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