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Technology & Engineering

Smartphones have to be made someplace, and that place is China. In just _x000D_ five years, a company names Xiaomi (which means "little rice" in _x000D_ Mandarin) has grown into the most valuable startup ever, becoming the _x000D_ third largest manufacturer of smartphones, behind only Samsung and _x..
Rp 199,000
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An illustrated, accessible introduction to filmmaking from an award-winning Hollywood producer, screenwriter, film school professor, and script consultant to major movie studiosAnyone with a cellphone can shoot video, but creating a memorable feature-length film requires knowledge and mastery o..
Rp 315,000
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Contrary to popular wisdom, you don't have to be an ace electrician, a coding prodigy, or a mechanical master to come up with a game-changing invention! You just need curiosity, a strong desire to fix a problem that you see in the world, and the determination to see your ideas become reality--and th..
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