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Children Reference

Practice the basics of coding using Blockly. Activities featuring the cast of Frozen and step-by-step instructions guide readers through exercises that teach sequencing, debugging, and more. Readers can try out the skills they learn at a companion site...
Rp 165,000
Ex Tax:Rp 165,000
Dig deep into the fascinating world of dinosaurs with the first book in the What on Earth Explorer series, complete with a 2-metre long fold-out timeline. Join explorer Agent Eagle as he explores these amazing creatures - from the earliest fossil discoveries to the relationship between birds and din..
Rp 229,000
Ex Tax:Rp 229,000
Be on the look-out for the wildest mammals with Agent Osprey as she explores the animal kingdom in search of all things fierce and friendly! Mammals! includes a 1.8-metre-long timeline, featuring over 100 mammals from their first known forms through to their living descendants and a fascinating jour..
Rp 229,000
Ex Tax:Rp 229,000
Earth is big! (compared to a frog)Earth is small! (when it's hiding in a galaxy)And that's not all. Earth is wet and dry, hot and cold, round and jagged, fast and slow. You get the idea. It depends how you look at it!Get to know our planet in a whole new way by comparing it to a huge varie..
Rp 349,000
Ex Tax:Rp 349,000
Join Maxie as they build their dream skyscraper from the ground up. Zoom: Building Site Adventure is the next entry is What on Earth Books' Zoom series of 36-page board books written by Susan Hayes, with peek-a-boo holes through the pages and a surprise popup...
Rp 259,000
Ex Tax:Rp 259,000
Discover 100 of the world's most remarkable artefacts, most stunning artworks and most intriguing ruins in this beautifully illustrated book about Earth's treasures.Treasures both natural and manmade make an appearance in a tour which stretches across thousands of years and all around the globe...
Rp 349,000
Ex Tax:Rp 349,000
Are you ready to begin your journey through space? Then all you have to do is look up into the night sky. What can you see?Marvel at the twinkling stars, and the constellations that they make. Learn about what different cultures call each shape and what the patterns means to them. Then get ready..
Rp 435,000
Ex Tax:Rp 435,000
Welcome to FACTopia! A wonderland of crazily connected facts. Did you know that a squid has a brain shaped like a doughnut? Or that some butterflies drink turtle tears? Every Britannica-verified fact in the book is connected to the next in an ingenious trail of information. Hop from topic to topic i..
Rp 215,100 Rp 239,000
Ex Tax:Rp 215,100
Embark on an entertaining journey across millennia and continents, and learn about absolutely everything including the creation of planet Earth, the age of dinosaurs, the rise of humans, the miserable medieval times, globalisation, wars, revolutions, technology - and much more. Find out the answers ..
Rp 389,000
Ex Tax:Rp 389,000
Discover a hidden universe of microscopic monsters right before your eyes. Unfold each page to reveal stunningly detailed illustrations bursting with jelly-like amoebae, predatory centipedes, ravenous mosquitos and more mites than you could imagine. From the murky ocean depths to your kitchen cupboa..
Rp 345,000
Ex Tax:Rp 345,000
Blast off to adventure! Join Ava as she explores the furthest reaches of the solar system and beyond. Die-cuts throughout and a surprise pop-up make every page an interactive experience as you take a ride in a moon buggy, discover a Mars rover looking for life, and watch the greatest show in outer s..
Rp 259,000
Ex Tax:Rp 259,000
Dive into adventure! Join Noah as he visits Earth's most mysterious environment - the ocean. Die-cuts throughout and a surprise pop-up make every page an interactive experience as you come face to face with a Great White Shark, join dazzling fish on a coral reef, and discover your very own pirate tr..
Rp 259,000
Ex Tax:Rp 259,000
Discover menacing sharks, playful dolphins, clownfish, penguins, turtles, whales, shimmering jellyfish and gargantuan giant squid. Ocean: Secrets of the Deep is jam-packed with hundreds of stylish illustrations and many more surprising facts about the world's marine life. First, readers are taken on..
Rp 349,000
Ex Tax:Rp 349,000
Learn about the fascinating and meaningful Bible stories with this boxed activity set. Condensed into a friendly and easy-to-understand format, complete with adorable illustrations, this set is fun-packed! Contains: Wall Poster, Two 48-pp Soft Cover Reference Books, 24-pp Bible sticker book, Model A..
Rp 325,000
Ex Tax:Rp 325,000
[A] book that mankind has been hungering for, a book that is-now and forever-a shining beacon of wonder, a titanic tribute to talent unleashed - Stan Lee.Discover the essential facts about Marvel Comics' timeless heroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man and villains like Thanos, Lo..
Rp 699,000
Ex Tax:Rp 699,000
Wild About Space voyages through the Universe, exploring the Solar System, stars and distant galaxies to find out how stars are born, what goes on at an observatory, and how spacecraft have explored the Moon, planets, asteroids and comets. Bite-sized paragraphs, packed with interesting facts Detaile..
Rp 224,100 Rp 249,000
Ex Tax:Rp 224,100
Super-cool facts sit alongside hands-on activities in this exciting series. Readers can learn how to play an ancient board game, make a royal headdress and write in hieroglyphics through step-by-step pictures and instructions...
Rp 99,000
Ex Tax:Rp 99,000
Programming concepts come to life in this kid-friendly intro to the basics of computer science and coding, with puzzles, games, and quirky characters.Welcome to the Coder Crew, where you're on a mission. You'll write algorithms to find hidden treasures, decode ciphers to read secret messages, create..
Rp 229,500 Rp 255,000
Ex Tax:Rp 229,500
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