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"The Great Game of Business" started a business revolution by introducing the world to open-book management, a new way of running a business that created unprecedented profit and employee engagement. The revised and updated edition of "The Great Game of Business" lays out an entirely different way ..
Rp 349,000
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The winners of the Nobel Prize show how economics, when done right, can help us solve the thorniest social and political problems of our day. Figuring out how to deal with today's critical economic problems is perhaps the great challenge of our time. Much greater than space travel or perhap..
Rp 332,000
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With Little Genius books, curious kids can learn and laugh while being captivated by the world around them.With super-simple concepts about the sun, planets, comets, and more, each spread features the wonderful illustrations of Mattia Cerato along with rhyming text that delights while it instruc..
Rp 157,000
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Lack of self-awareness is the single greatest obstacle leaders face in their development, effectiveness, and advancement. Dr. John C. Maxwell will help any leader become more self-aware, focused, and confident.With fifty years of leading and teaching experience, influential leadership expert and..
Rp 262,000
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In the intense and captivating (Kirkus Reviews) conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Diabolic series, the Empire teeters on the edge of destruction as rumors spread that Nemesis is still alive.Three years ago, Tyrus Domitrian shocked the galaxy by killing the woman he swore to love forev..
Rp 227,000
Ex Tax:Rp 227,000
Howard Gardner's brilliant conception of individual competence has changed the face of education in the twenty-three years since the publication of his classic work, Frames of Mind . Since then thousands of educators, parents, and researchers have explored the practical implications and applications..
Rp 274,000
Ex Tax:Rp 274,000
If you think you know how this one will end, I promise, you don't. —Kara Thomas, author of That Weekend and The CheerleadersFor fans of They Wish They Were Us and Sadie comes a propulsive thriller that reminds us that in real life, endings are rarely as neat as happily ever after. A contemporar..
Rp 245,000
Ex Tax:Rp 245,000
Today humanity is reaching new heights of scientific understanding--and also appears to be losing its mind. How can a species that developed vaccines for Covid-19 in less than a year produce so much fake news, medical quackery, and conspiracy theorizing?Pinker rejects the cynical cliche that hum..
Rp 282,000
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Part of a best-selling range from Priddy Books, this pocket-sized board book with a soft, padded cover is great for little hands to hold.First Words of Love is the perfect present for toddlers this Valentine's Day. Part of a best-selling range from Priddy Books, this pocket-sized board book with..
Rp 155,000
Ex Tax:Rp 155,000
From Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Andersen, this beautifully illustrated anthology contains a range of the classic fairy tale stories any child would love to grow up reading.As well as favourites such as Cinderella, The Snow Queen and Jack and the Beanstalk, DK's A First Book of Fairy Tales ..
Rp 165,000
Ex Tax:Rp 165,000
Simple lift-the-flap counting, from one spotty giraffe to ten swimming fish.Turn the pages, lift the flaps and see animals of all shapes and sizes bring the numbers one to ten to life. This bright, simple first numbers book is perfect for helping to develop early numeracy with its interactive pa..
Rp 175,000
Ex Tax:Rp 175,000
By royal decree, you are invited to create your very own enchanted kingdom! Use the stickers, stencils and patterned paper to make a princess tiara & fairy godmother wand, decorate ballrooms and ballgowns, transform pumpkins into carriages and design palaces and thrones. With over 400 stickers/stenc..
Rp 189,000
Ex Tax:Rp 189,000
A beautiful gift edition of Aesop's Fables featuring eight classic stories, charmingly retold in rhyming verse with stunning illustrations.Bringing together the incredible talents of award-winning illustrator and Booktrust Time to Read favourite, Marta Altes and author and poet, Elli Woollard, t..
Rp 239,000
Ex Tax:Rp 239,000
This stunning 48-page book takes you on a beautifully illustrated journey into space, from the Earth's surface to the edge of the universe. Once you have completed your journey to the outer limits of the universe, make your return trip with fascinating infographics explaining facts and statistics ab..
Rp 175,000
Ex Tax:Rp 175,000
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