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Mind Detox

Mind Detox
Mind Detox

Heal the hidden cause of your symptoms with the 5-step Mind Detox method
_x000D_ Do you suffer from chronic physical or emotional _x000D_ conditions? Feel stuck with reoccurring patterns in your life? Don't _x000D_ know why you react the way you do and can't seem to help it? Much of our_x000D_ chronic conditions, repetitive behaviors, and emotional problems can be_x000D_ traced to unresolved past events stuck in the unconscious mind and to _x000D_ unhealthy belief systems we developed in our past that are no longer _x000D_ serving us in the present.
_x000D_ In Mind Detox, Sandy C. Newbigging reveals a _x000D_ deceptively simple, yet potent 5-step method for detoxing the _x000D_ unconscious mind and resolving physical, emotional, and life problems. _x000D_ The author explains how to roll back in time to discover the significant_x000D_ emotional event, the root-cause experience, that shaped the core _x000D_ beliefs that trigger your chronic condition or behavior patterns. _x000D_ Releasing you from your root-cause events, the past events no longer _x000D_ negatively impact you today, you find peace in the present, and your _x000D_ body becomes more able to heal.
_x000D_ In addition to the author's simple 5-step Mind _x000D_ Detox system, he offers guidance on how to use EFT in combination with _x000D_ the Mind Detox method, explores common major blind spots in our belief _x000D_ systems and how to overcome them, and offers practical healing tools _x000D_ like the "decision destroyer."
_x000D_ Providing a powerful way to let go of emotional _x000D_ baggage, release toxic beliefs, and clear the mental blocks to your _x000D_ goals, this 5-step guide empowers you to rewrite your past, find _x000D_ resolution for negative experiences, and use your newly cleansed mind to_x000D_ achieve brilliant success in all areas of life, along with happiness, _x000D_ wealth, and well-being.

Author :Newbigging, Sandy C.
Language :English
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  • ISBN: 9781620558331

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