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Head in the Cloud

Head in the Cloud
Head in the Cloud

The real-world value of knowledge in the mobile-device age.

More_x000D_ people know who Khloe Kardashian is than who René Descartes was. Most _x000D_ can't find Delaware on a map; don't know what Frank Lloyd Wright did for_x000D_ living; can't say how many calories are in a Big Mac or how many _x000D_ candles are on a menorah. How important it is to know things, anyway? _x000D_ William Poundstone uses Big Data survey technology to examine how _x000D_ knowledge relates to wealth, health, politics, and behavior. HEAD IN THE_x000D_ CLOUD identifies the types of knowledge that still matter (and those _x000D_ that don't). It asks why Fox News viewers don't know which party _x000D_ controls Congress; why we're okay with spelling errors on menus but not _x000D_ on résumés; how we can navigate clickbait and media spin to stay truly _x000D_ informed. HEAD IN THE CLOUD is a witty, practical guide to succeeding in_x000D_ a culturally illiterate age.

Author :Poundstone, William
Format :Paperback
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  • ISBN: 9780316395069

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