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How To Be Yourself

How To Be Yourself
How To Be Yourself

Weaving together cutting-edge science, concrete tips, and the compelling_x000D_ stories of real people who have risen above their social anxiety, Dr. _x000D_ Ellen Hendriksen proposes a groundbreaking idea: you already have _x000D_ everything you need to succeed in any unfamiliar social situation. As _x000D_ someone who lives with social anxiety, Dr. Hendriksen has devoted her _x000D_ career to helping her clients overcome the same obstacles she has. With _x000D_ familiarity, humour, and authority, Dr. Hendriksen takes the reader _x000D_ through the roots of social anxiety and why it endures, how we can _x000D_ rewire our brains through our behavior, and - at long last - exactly how_x000D_ to quiet your Inner Critic, the pesky voice that whispers, 'Everyone _x000D_ will judge you.' Using her techniques to develop confidence, think _x000D_ through the buzz of anxiety, and feel comfortable in any situation, you _x000D_ can finally be your true, authentic self.

Author :Hendriksen, Ellen
Format :Paperback
Language :English
Page :320
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  • ISBN: 9781250122223

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