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Good Faith

Good Faith
Good Faith

Many Christians today feel overwhelmed as they try to live faithfully in_x000D_ a culture that seems increasingly hostile to their beliefs. Politics, _x000D_ marriage, sexuality, religious freedom--with an ever-growing list of _x000D_ contentious issues, believers find it harder than ever to hold on to _x000D_ their convictions while treating their friends, neighbors, coworkers, _x000D_ and even family members who disagree with respect and compassion. This _x000D_ isn't just a problem that affects individual Christians; if left _x000D_ unaddressed, the growing gap between the faithful and society's _x000D_ tolerance for public faith will have lasting consequences for the church_x000D_ in America.

Now the bestselling authors of unChristian _x000D_ turn their data-driven insights toward the thorny question of how _x000D_ Christians talk with people they know and love about the most toxic _x000D_ issues of our day. They help today's disciples understand what they _x000D_ believe and why, and how to keep believing it without being judgmental _x000D_ and defensive. Readers will discover the most significant trends that _x000D_ offer both obstacles and opportunities to God's people, and how not only_x000D_ to challenge culture but to create and renew it for the common good. _x000D_ Perhaps most importantly, David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons invite fellow _x000D_ Christians to understand the heart behind opposing views and show them _x000D_ how to be loving, life-giving friends despite profound differences. This_x000D_ will be the go-to book for young adult and older believers who don't _x000D_ want to hide from culture but to engage and restore it.

Author :Kinnaman, David
Format :Hardcover
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  • ISBN: 9780801013171

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