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An engaging and authoritative overview of the history of _x000D_ footwear from the Middle Ages to today, illustrated with rare and _x000D_ luxurious examples from the V&A’s collection

Shoes _x000D_ have always captured the imagination, and communicated the priorities _x000D_ and ambitions of the wearer. In the reign of Henry VIII, exaggerated _x000D_ shapes and wide toes were footwear’s reflection of the aggressive social_x000D_ climate of court, while engravings of Queen Victoria show impossibly _x000D_ narrow slippers, worn in pursuit of nineteenth-century ideals of _x000D_ daintiness. Contemporary shoe styles continue to challenge our inherited_x000D_ notions of beauty and status.

After a general introduction, _x000D_ illustrated chronological chapters retrace the history of footwear from _x000D_ the Middle Ages to today, featuring shoes and boots that once belonged _x000D_ to both anonymous and famous men and women, from battered old “chimney _x000D_ shoes” hidden away for good luck to the elegant styles of the _x000D_ Renaissance, from Elizabethan mules to the first stilettos. A detailed _x000D_ glossary, bibliography, and index conclude the book.

90+ color illustrations
Author :Johnston, Lucy
Format :Hardcover
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  • ISBN: 9780500519387

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