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Around two-thirds of women count lipstick among their essential _x000D_ luxuries, one in three saying they won't go without. And with Kylie _x000D_ Jenner's lip kits almost breaking the internet, it seems women of all _x000D_ ages are crazy about their lips! In Lips, make-up artist _x000D_ Natasha Devedlaka shows you how a little bit of lipstick can build your _x000D_ confidence, boost your mood, and completely change your look. Nothing _x000D_ makes a girl pop like a bright burst of color! And it takes just minutes_x000D_ to apply. Natasha starts with lip care - exfoliating and prepping - and_x000D_ the basics of applying lipstick. She teaches readers how to pick the _x000D_ best red for their skin tone, make lips look thinner or plumper, choose _x000D_ lipstick that lasts all day, and much more. Tutorials feature topics _x000D_ like how to wear matt lipstick, gloss, as well as trends like ombre, _x000D_ nude, contouring lips, and more. This is a fun, stylish book for anyone _x000D_ who loves lipstick.

Author :Devedlaka-Price, Natasha
Format :Hardcover
Rp 155,000
Ex Tax: Rp 155,000
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  • Weight: 0.60kg
  • ISBN: 9781784881016

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