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The Secrets of Mindful Beauty

The Secrets of Mindful Beauty
The Secrets of Mindful Beauty

A comprehensive make-up manual that details all aspects of make-up _x000D_ application, solutions to common problems, as well as tips and tricks _x000D_ for perfecting your look every time.

Starting with Skin _x000D_ Secrets, make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon teaches you everything you _x000D_ need to know about skincare and perfecting your base, before moving into_x000D_ sections that target specific areas of the face. Chapters and looks are_x000D_ organized by feature, each starting with an introduction to the area _x000D_ and followed by looks that show it off best. In Beautiful Brows, Lisa _x000D_ explains why it is so important to maintain and enhance your brows, _x000D_ before styling a Natural, Full, Ombre, and Feathered look. In Go with _x000D_ the Glow, she explains why we add color and takes a look at Contouring, _x000D_ Strobing, Blushing, and Bronzing. In The Eyes Have It, things really get_x000D_ interesting, with looks for Smokey, Colorful, Nude, Smudged, _x000D_ Bejewelled, and Glittery Eyes that will makes your eyes pop. And in _x000D_ Luscious Lips, Lisa helps you understand the difference between matte, _x000D_ glossy, and smooth lipsticks, pencils, glosses, and all that's in _x000D_ between, before teaching you how to perfect the Red, Nude, Ombre, Matte,_x000D_ High Gloss, and Bold Lip, no matter what your style. Finally, in Lisa's_x000D_ signature style, she offers up Looks to Dazzle, from Extreme Glitter to_x000D_ using sequins, feathers, and transfers, as well as enhancing your look _x000D_ with accessories in a series of features. These also give instruction on_x000D_ which tools to use when, a handy in-flight routine that will help you _x000D_ step off the plane feeling like a goddess, fixing make-up mishaps, and _x000D_ finding your perfect wedding look. So whether you’re looking for a fun _x000D_ and youthful, elegant and sophisticated, or one-off look, Lisa will show_x000D_ you how to make the most of your facial features and complexion in this_x000D_ her Make-up Manual.

Author :Boyd, Elizabeth Reid
Format :Paperback
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  • ISBN: 9781849758048

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