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Reigning Men: Fashion In Menswear 1715 - 2015

Reigning Men: Fashion In Menswear 1715 - 2015
Reigning Men: Fashion In Menswear 1715 - 2015

This fully illustrated book accompanies one of the most comprehensive _x000D_ exhibitions dedicated solely to three centuries of men's fashion. The _x000D_ fashionable male may be making a comeback, but early fashion trends _x000D_ centered around what men--not women--were wearing. This intriguing book _x000D_ traces the history of men's fashion since the 18th century, when young _x000D_ Englishmen imitated foreign dress and manners after touring the European_x000D_ continent. This phenomenon is only one of many explored in sections _x000D_ titled "Revolution/Evolution," "East/West," "Uniformity," "Body _x000D_ Consciousness," and "The Splendid Man." In addition to numerous _x000D_ illustrations of extant menswear, the book captures the 19th-century _x000D_ dandy, a more restrained brand of expensive elegance which became the _x000D_ hallmark of Savile Row; the post-WWII mod, who relished the colorful _x000D_ styles of Carnaby Street; and the 21st-century man--ultra-chic in a _x000D_ sleek suit by day, wearing a flowered tuxedo by night. Reigning Men_x000D_ illuminates connections between history and high fashion, traces _x000D_ cultural influences over the centuries, examines how uniforms have _x000D_ profoundly shaped fashionable dress, and reveals that women aren't the _x000D_ only ones who cinch and pad their bodies. Beautifully produced and _x000D_ lavishly illustrated, this eye-opening book will certainly appeal to men_x000D_ and women alike.

Author :Takeda, Sharon Sakado
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  • ISBN: 9783791355207

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