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Fashion Made Fair. Modern - Innovative - Sustainable

Fashion Made Fair. Modern - Innovative - Sustainable
Fashion Made Fair. Modern - Innovative - Sustainable

Is green the new black? This beautifully illustrated book pays tribute _x000D_ to contemporary designers whose creations are at once fashionforward as _x000D_ well as sustainable, responsible, and humanely produced. Sustainability _x000D_ is in fashion right now and designers are taking note. With an _x000D_ ever-growing number of environmentally conscious consumers at hand, the _x000D_ fashion industry is responding to demands for products that are both _x000D_ beautiful and resource-efficient. This book showcases the work of _x000D_ today’s designers who are doing just that. It features up-and-coming _x000D_ designers and established brands from all over the world, chosen for _x000D_ their ability to manufacture wearable, highly covetable clothing while _x000D_ also contributing to better working conditions, protecting the _x000D_ environment, and applying innovative design techniques or materials. _x000D_ Included in this book are companies that are rediscovering traditional _x000D_ handicrafts, upcycling designers who reuse textile waste, and _x000D_ consumer-oriented approaches that make high fashion a little more _x000D_ cost-effective. From Vivienne Westwood to Patagonia, Umasan to Mud _x000D_ Jeans, this enlightening exploration features designers and brands that _x000D_ cover the spectrum from casual chic to haute couture as well as _x000D_ interviews with fashion experts such as Bruno Pieters, Lily Cole, and _x000D_ Michael Braungart. Filled with images of gorgeous clothing, this book _x000D_ looks at a revolution in the making and points to a fashion future that _x000D_ benefits the people and the planet.

Author :Köhrer, Ellen
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  • ISBN: 9783791381763

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