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The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook

The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook
The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook
Overcome damaging behavior habits, conquer negative thought patterns, and learn to thrive in life. Constantly backsliding when it comes to healthy eating? Putting off deadlines until the last minute? Even when you're committed to making change, sometimes it feels as if you are always in your own way. When your attitude and actions create problems in daily life and interfere with long-standing goals, they are called self-sabotage behaviors. The most common self-sabotaging behaviors include procrastination, comfort eating, and self-medication with drugs or alcohol. The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook is a game changer for those struggling with counter-productive and damaging habits. This friendly guide includes: Journal prompts to help you understand your triggers Visualization ideas to conquer negative thought cycles Mental exercises to strengthen your resolve Real-life case-studies And much more! Readers will come away with a new ability to process and accept their emotions and an understanding of how to live a confident and empowered life.
Author :Seti, Candice, Dr.
Format :Paperback
Page :144
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  • ISBN: 9781646041329

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