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Wall Street Journal Bestseller
_x000D_ Managers accept the world as it is; movement _x000D_ starters push the boundaries to make it more just, compassionate, and _x000D_ even joyful. We all need to decide: Are we managers or movement _x000D_ starters?
_x000D_ Jennifer Dulski, the head of Groups at Facebook, and_x000D_ former president of, explains how you can turn your mission _x000D_ into a movement that creates change--whether you're at a startup or a _x000D_ political campaign, at a Fortune 500 company or a local community group,_x000D_ or an intern or a CEO. Anyone can spark change if they believe in the _x000D_ power of taking action, no matter where, or how small, they start.
_x000D_ Dulski explains how to create a clear vision, _x000D_ inspire supporters, persuade decision makers, navigate criticism, and _x000D_ more. She pairs her own experience as a startup founder, tech executive,_x000D_ and social change leader with powerful stories of movement leaders from_x000D_ both business and activism.
_x000D_ Our world needs movement starters more than ever. _x000D_ Packed with practical advice and the inspiring true stories of movement _x000D_ starters from all walks of life, Purposeful will empower you to start _x000D_ your own movement and make your mark on the world.

Author :Dulski, Jennifer
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