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The Creative Curve

The Creative Curve
The Creative Curve

Big data entrepreneur Allen Gannett overturns the mythology around _x000D_ creative genius, and reveals the science and secrets behind achieving _x000D_ breakout commercial success in any field.
_x000D_ We have been spoon-fed the notion that creativity _x000D_ is the province of genius -- of those favored, brilliant few whose _x000D_ moments of insight arrive in unpredictable flashes of divine _x000D_ inspiration.  And if we are not a genius, we might as well pack it in _x000D_ and give up. Either we have that gift, or we don’t.  But Allen shows _x000D_ that simply isn’t true.  Recent research has shown that there is a _x000D_ predictable science behind achieving commercial success in any creative _x000D_ endeavor, from writing a popular novel to starting up a successful _x000D_ company to creating an effective marketing campaign. 
_x000D_ As the world’s most creative people have _x000D_ discovered, we are enticed by the novel and the familiar. By _x000D_ understanding the mechanics of what Gannett calls “the creative curve” –_x000D_ the point of optimal tension between the novel and the familiar – _x000D_ everyone can better engineer mainstream success. 
_x000D_ In a thoroughly entertaining book that describes _x000D_ the stories and insights of everyone from the Broadway team behind Dear _x000D_ Evan Hansen, to the founder of Reddit, from the Chief Content Officer of_x000D_ Netflix to Michelin star chefs, Gannett reveals the four laws of _x000D_ creative success and identifies the common patterns behind their _x000D_ achievement.

Author :Gannett, Allen
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