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Finish Big

Finish Big
Finish Big

“No two exit experiences are exactly alike. Some people wind up happy_x000D_ with the process and satisfied with the way it turned out while others _x000D_ look back on it as a nightmare. The question I hope to answer in this _x000D_ book is why. What did the people with ‘good’ exits do differently from _x000D_ those who’d had ‘bad’ exits?”

When pioneering business journalist and Inc. magazine editor at large Bo Burlingham wrote Small Giants, it became an instant classic for its original take on a common business problem—how to handle the pressure to grow.

Now_x000D_ Burlingham is back to tackle an even more common problem—how to exit _x000D_ your company well. Sooner or later, all entrepreneurs leave their _x000D_ businesses and all businesses get sold, given away, or liquidated. _x000D_ Whatever your preferred outcome, you need to start planning for it while_x000D_ you still have time and options. The beautiful part is that if you _x000D_ start early enough, the process will lead you to build a better, _x000D_ stronger, more resilient company, as well as one with a higher market _x000D_ value. Unfortunately, most owners don’t start early enough—and pay a _x000D_ steep price for their procrastination.

Burlingham interviewed _x000D_ dozens of entrepreneurs across a range of industries and identified _x000D_ eight key factors that determine whether owners are happy after leaving _x000D_ their businesses. His book showcases the insights, exit plans, and _x000D_ cautionary tales of entrepreneurs such as

  • Ray Pagano: _x000D_ founder of a leading manufacturer of housings for security cameras. He _x000D_ turned down a bid for his company and instead changed his management _x000D_ style, resulting in a subsequent sale for four times the original offer.
  • Bill Niman:_x000D_ founder of the iconic Niman Ranch, which revolutionized the meat _x000D_ industry. He learned about unhappy exits when he was forced to sell to _x000D_ private equity investors, leaving him with nothing to show for his _x000D_ thirty-five years in business.
  • Gary Hirshberg: founder of_x000D_ organic yogurt pioneer Stonyfield Farm. He pulled off the nearly _x000D_ impossible task of finding a large company that would buy out his 275 _x000D_ small investors at a premium price while letting him retain complete _x000D_ control of the business.

Through such stories, Burlingham _x000D_ offers an illuminating and inspirational guide to one of the most _x000D_ stressful, and yet potentially rewarding, processes business owners must_x000D_ go through. And he explores the emotional challenges they face at every_x000D_ step of the way.

At the end of the day, owning a business is _x000D_ about more than selling goods and services. It’s about making choices _x000D_ that shape your entire life, both professional and personal. Finish Big helps you figure out how to face your future with confidence and be able to someday look back on your journey with pride.
Author :Burlingham, Bo
Format :Paperback
Page :304
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  • ISBN: 9780670923274

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