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Creativity and Data Marketing

Creativity and Data Marketing
Creativity and Data Marketing

The world is moving towards universal _x000D_ connectivity at a dizzying rate: thanks to the internet, there will be _x000D_ new ways to connect, converse, transact and experience the world that we_x000D_ cannot imagine today. Underpinning this whole system of connection is _x000D_ an infrastructure that generates a trail of data, a trail that not only _x000D_ tells us about human behaviour, but also tells us about consumer _x000D_ behaviour and market dynamics, as well as the relationships we value and_x000D_ the culture we live in. Creativity and Data Marketing helps marketers access this data, find meaning in it and leverage it to gain a competitive advantage.

Creativity and Data Marketing helps senior marketing practitioners improve existing infrastructure, processes and activities to:

1.Find new addressable markets
2.Validate (or re-think) market demand
3.Better understand the consumer
4.Market test and improve the product/service/experience sold
5.Identify consumer touch points beyond paid media (including forums, editorial in blogs, native advertising, and word-of-mouth)
6.Develop, support and apply greater creativity in communications
7.Apply data effectively in 'creative' fields such as advertising and marketing.

Author :Wang, Becky
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