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How To Be An Even Better Manager

How To Be An Even Better Manager
How To Be An Even Better Manager

If you are a current manager, or aspiring to a management position, this_x000D_ is your invaluable guide to the skills and techniques you need to _x000D_ succeed. Michael Armstrong's best-selling handbook provides in-depth _x000D_ coverage and practical guidance on improving the three crucial areas of _x000D_ management:
_x000D_ - Managing people
_x000D_ - Managing activities and processes
_x000D_ - Managing and developing yourself
_x000D_ From engaging your team, managing conflict and _x000D_ raising your confidence levels, to improving your financial management _x000D_ and business plans, you will be guided across all the key areas of _x000D_ management with constant applicability to real life situations. How to _x000D_ be an Even Better Manager provides sound guidelines that will help you _x000D_ to boost your management ability, supercharge your team's performance _x000D_ and achieve process excellence. With an emphasis on trouble-shooting and_x000D_ problem solving, this is a resource you will be able to turn to again _x000D_ and again for support and advice.
_x000D_ How to be an Even Better Manager has sold over _x000D_ 170,000 copies worldwide and been translated into 17 languages. This new_x000D_ edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include all the most_x000D_ pressing skills needed by modern managers. It also includes brand new _x000D_ chapters on handling difficult conversations, promoting a learning _x000D_ culture, handling discipline and under performance issues, leading teams_x000D_ successfully and treating people right.

Author :Armstrong, Michael
Format :Paperback
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  • ISBN: 9780749480271

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