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The Cancer Whisperer

The Cancer Whisperer
The Cancer Whisperer

'I have cancer. Cancer does not have me.'

Sophie_x000D_ Sabbage was diagnosed with late stage 'incurable' lung cancer in _x000D_ October 2014. She was 48 years old, happily married with a 4-year-old _x000D_ daughter. Since that day - when doctors told Sophie that her prognosis _x000D_ was poor - she has been on a remarkable journey of healing and _x000D_ transformation that has reshaped her vocation as well as changed her _x000D_ life for the better.

The Cancer Whisperer chronicles _x000D_ Sophie's extraordinary relationship with cancer and the methods that she_x000D_ has used for dealing with fear, anger, denial and grief. The essence of_x000D_ 'cancer whispering' was born of Sophie's determination to take cancer _x000D_ off the battlefield and into the classroom. Instead of going to war with_x000D_ it, Sophie has chosen to listen to it, learn from it and choose her own_x000D_ response to it.

Sophie offers a radically different way of _x000D_ relating to this disease both mentally and practically: she shares the _x000D_ research she has done, the treatments she has chosen, the diet she _x000D_ follows and the resources that she feels have made the biggest _x000D_ differences in the hope that they will help others cut through the mass _x000D_ of information out there.

Sophie says: 'This book is for the _x000D_ cancer patient who wants to remain a dignified, empowered human being _x000D_ even when your doctors and diagnosis are scaring the hell out of you. It_x000D_ is also for the cancer patient who has a hunch that there is something _x000D_ for them to learn, gain or even be transformed by - if they just knew _x000D_ how to relate to this disease differently to the way most of society _x000D_ does. It is for the cancer patient, perhaps any patient.'

Author :Sabbage, Sophie
Format :Paperback
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