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Blaze Your Own Trail

Blaze Your Own Trail
Blaze Your Own Trail

So many women enter their adult lives believing that they _x000D_ should know where they are going and how to get there. This can make _x000D_ life decisions feel intimidating and overwhelming. While some choices _x000D_ that lie ahead are fairly predictable, such as those surrounding career,_x000D_ partnership, and motherhood, the effects of these choices can lead to _x000D_ more complicated and unexpected turns that are seldom discussed.

Rather_x000D_ than suggesting a rule book, Rebekah Bastian, vice president at Zillow _x000D_ and recognized thought leader, inspires you to Blaze Your Own Trail. "I _x000D_ have the benefit of being a living example of crooked paths, magnificent_x000D_ screw-ups, and shocking successes," she writes.  Through storylines and_x000D_ supportive data that explore workplace sexism, career changes, _x000D_ marriage, raising children, existential crises, and everything in _x000D_ between, you will learn to embrace and feel less alone in your own _x000D_ nonlinear journey. Even better, you have a unique advantage while living_x000D_ in the pages of this book: you can turn back decisions and try other _x000D_ routes. There are nineteen possible outcomes many routes to get there. _x000D_ You will find that you have the strength to make it through any of them!

Author :Bastian, Rebekah
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