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Serious Business Of Small Talk

Serious Business Of Small Talk
Serious Business Of Small Talk

For a lucky few, light conversation at parties and social events is a _x000D_ breeze. For the rest of us, there is Carol Fleming (bestselling author _x000D_ of It's the Way You Say It), who breaks even the shortest bit of small _x000D_ talk into an understandable process that anyone can master. Small Talk _x000D_ Is the Single Most Important Communication Skill You Can Develop Carol _x000D_ Fleming wants to show you that small talk is not as "small" as you might_x000D_ think. It's the foundation of every relationship, professional and _x000D_ personal. It is the sound of people reaching out to each other, _x000D_ searching for similarities, shared interests, goodwill, connections, and_x000D_ friendship. And it's something we all do every day with people we know._x000D_ It's just the one little bit about strangers that throws some people _x000D_ off. Graceful social conversation can be learned, even by those _x000D_ requiring the smallest of baby steps.
_x000D_ Fleming covers the inner and outer aspects--from the_x000D_ right attitude to how to dress, move around, and introduce yourself. _x000D_ Most importantly, she lays out a series of simple, memorable _x000D_ conversational strategies that make it easy to go from "Nice weather _x000D_ we're having" to a genuine, rewarding give-and-take. But she won't tell _x000D_ you what to say. Believe it or not, you already have what you need _x000D_ inside you. She merely provides the keys to unlock it.
_x000D_ Small talk is the language of welcome, the extension_x000D_ of friendliness, the gracious acknowledgment of others, the kindly _x000D_ exchange of introductions and smiles, and the creation of a safe, _x000D_ courteous social space--and this is what has you terrified? After you _x000D_ read this book, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Author :Fleming, Carol A. Phd
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