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Le Bootcamp Diet

Le Bootcamp Diet
Le Bootcamp Diet

Born and raised in Corsica, Valerie Orsoni was overweight as a young _x000D_ adult. Along with her father, a chef, who also suffered from weight _x000D_ issues, she developed a programme of healthy living and eating where _x000D_ food itself - in the form of delicious, balanced recipes and detailed _x000D_ menu plans - played a central role in reducing body fat. _x000D_ was a runaway global success and her book La Methode _x000D_ Orsoni, became a bestseller in France. With a highly motivational _x000D_ coaching style, LeBootCamp Diet speaks to women - and men - who are _x000D_ short on time, disillusioned by 'toxic' mono-diets, and unwilling to _x000D_ sign up to a life of tasteless meals and forbidden foods. Through three _x000D_ distinct phases (Detox, Attack and Maintenance), Valerie shows how to _x000D_ cleanse the body of toxins; attack stubborn body fat and cellulite; _x000D_ speed up the process of weight - loss when needed, and, finally, adapt _x000D_ permanently to a lifestyle where the weight stays off, the body is toned_x000D_ and energy soars.

Author :Orsoni, Valerie
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