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  • Terrible Meanings of Names
  • Terrible Meanings of Names

Terrible Meanings of Names

  • Brand/Author: Hayes, Justin Cord
  • Product Code: 9781440552564
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :F+W Media
  • Language :English

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The bizarre meanings behind everyday names! Did you know that Jacobs tend to cheat in school, Marys have nasty attitudes, and Catherines like to cause pain? If our names are meant to represent our character, then these kids have quite a number of unsavory traits, according to their moniker's definition. The same is true for many of today's common names. From Andrea (strong and manly) and Douglas (black water) to Hayden (heathen) and Trent (invader, trespasser), these people have been granted a life of misery, ugliness, mischief, and confusion simply by being referred to by their name. The Terrible Meanings of Names reveals the strange (and sometimes insulting) meanings behind the names you hear every day. Filled with hundreds of unfortunate definitions and backstories, you'll uncover the surprising origins and definitions of all your friends' names.

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