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  • People Look Like Flowers At Last
  • People Look Like Flowers At Last

People Look Like Flowers At Last

  • Brand/Author: Bukowski, Charles
  • Product Code: 9780061749247
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :HarperCollins
  • Language :English

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the gas line is leaking, the bird is gone from the cage, the skyline is dotted with vultures;Benny finally got off the stuff and Betty now has a jobas a waitress; andthe chimney sweep was quite delicate as hegiggled up through the soot.I walked miles through the city and recognizednothing as a giant claw ate at my stomach while the inside of my head felt airy as if I was about to go mad.its not so much that nothing means anything but more that it keeps meaningnothing,theres no release, just gurus and self-appointed gods and hucksters.the more people say, the less there is to say.even the best books are dry sawdust.from "e;fingernails; nostrils; shoelaces"e;

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