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NatGeo Kids: Ultimate Secrets Revealed!

NatGeo Kids: Ultimate Secrets Revealed!
NatGeo Kids: Ultimate Secrets Revealed!

The world is full of mind-blowing marvels and this book uncovers our _x000D_ planet's most peculiar phenomena, puzzles from the past, eye-opening _x000D_ inventions, astonishing animals, and so much more!

Did you _x000D_ know that caterpillars liquefy when they turn into butterflies? That _x000D_ humans shed eight pounds of skin every year? That there's a funky forest_x000D_ in Poland where all the trees are mysteriously crooked? That space _x000D_ smells like burnt plastic? Our world is filled with strange, bizarre, _x000D_ and weird realities. But what do they mean? WHY are they important? And _x000D_ what exactly is the secret behind them?

National Geographic Kids presents a jam-packed new series perfect for fans of Weird But True! and 5,000 Awesome Facts._x000D_ With cool, action-packed photos, tons of awesome information, and _x000D_ filled to the brim with the weirdest facts ever, this book takes readers_x000D_ behind the scenes of the world of the truly bizarre, to reveal the _x000D_ truth behind our planet's wildest and wackiest. Meet the bizarre _x000D_ bacteria that make Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory Pool pop _x000D_ with radiant color, discover the mysteries behind the Sphinx of ancient _x000D_ Egypt, learn why the beaches of the Maldives glow bright blue, how _x000D_ tornadoes are so powerful, and so much more! And with Q&As with _x000D_ in-the-field experts, fantastic infographics, exciting stories, and _x000D_ more, this book presents a fresh way of looking at our bizarre planet. _x000D_ So, get ready to experience our not-so-secret world.

Author :Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
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  • ISBN: 9781426331831

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