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Human Movement

Human Movement
Human Movement

Why do we walk on two legs? How do our muscles know how to work together_x000D_ when we dance? How does our brain work with our hands to sink a _x000D_ basketball? In Human Movement: How the Body Walks, Runs, Jumps, and Kicks,_x000D_ readers ages 12 to 15 learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the _x000D_ human body and discover how bones, muscles, tendons, organs, and nerves _x000D_ work together to make movement possible. Human Movement takes a _x000D_ look at all of the components of the human body and examines how they _x000D_ allow you to move and interact with the world around you. Readers also _x000D_ learn what they can do to keep their bodies healthy and fit and moving _x000D_ well.

Combining hands-on activities, such as building a hand _x000D_ model with working muscles and tendons, with biology, chemistry, _x000D_ biomechanics, and nutrition, Human Movement offers entertaining _x000D_ graphic novel illustrations and relevant sidebars. Links to online _x000D_ primary sources and other important websites deepen readers’ experiences_x000D_ and strengthen practical connections to the material.

Author :Mooney, Carla
Format :Paperback
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  • ISBN: 9781619304857

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