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Dinosaur Record Breaker

Dinosaur Record Breaker
Dinosaur Record Breaker

Packed with amazing infographics and awesome stats, this best-selling series has a fun and accessible world-record book approach. With bold and colourful illustrations, eye-catching photographs and the latest expert research, Record Breakers books are the perfect purchase for kids who love brain-bending facts!

Dinosaurs are the most incredible creatures to have ever lived. They ruled the Earth for millions of years, and now they rule the record books! Dinosaur Record Breakers takes a fresh look at the facts and statistics that made these amazing animals so extraordinary. From the fastest to the biggest, brainiest and most ferocious, it brings 

you the most extreme dinosaurs in an exciting world-record book format. Packed with the latest dinosaur information, it's a must for every dinosaur fanatic.

Author :Carlton
Format :Hardcover
Rp 255,000
Ex Tax: Rp 255,000
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  • ISBN: 9781783123810

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