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Signs & Symbols

Signs & Symbols
Signs & Symbols

Discover the fascinating origins _x000D_ and meanings of over 2,000 signs and symbols from mythology and religion_x000D_ to astrology and ancient tribes in this comprehensive guide.

For _x000D_ centuries, symbols have been imperative throughout the world, signifying_x000D_ ideas, relationships, and objects across different cultures. Find out _x000D_ why a flag at half mast is a symbol of mourning, why toads have got a _x000D_ bad name while frogs turn into princes, and why a heart pierced by an _x000D_ arrow is a classic symbol of love.

Delve into the meaning of each_x000D_ symbol and investigate how they have been interpreted in myth, _x000D_ religion, folklore, and art over time, with authoritative text from _x000D_ experts in the field and striking line drawings and photography that _x000D_ emphasize the visual strength and beauty of signs. Divided into six _x000D_ thematic sections - the cosmos, the natural world, human life, myths and_x000D_ religions, society and culture, and symbol systems - this guide to the _x000D_ secret language of signs and symbols is a must-have for those who want _x000D_ to understand the world around them.

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