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Daesung DS-160 Dump Shovel Truck and Excavator Models are made in Korea, made from high-quality, durable, non-toxic plastic material so parents can be completely safe. when to play. The overall look of the car is very sturdy and sturdy. Toys are suitable for boys 3 years and over.

The Dump Shovel truck model and the Dump Shovel model are designed to look like real cars with sharp images, bright colors and eye-catching details. Easy to control. The flywheel car sounds like a fun motif, with a rubber cushion on the wheel axle to keep you running smoothly.

The Daesung DS160 Dump Shovel Truck and Car Shovel helps children recognize things around them more quickly in their lives through themes.Learning while playing the baby will remember longer, when the practice is complete baby will be very interested. This toy will help children to experience the new knowledge, the most vivid

With his imagination and creativity, he will be able to create playful animations and entertaining moments. With the Dump Shovel Truck and Dump Shovel, the baby can handle, move the car, from which baby will help strengthen the movement, training hands skillfully. In addition, parents can play with their friends to develop their ability to communicate and integrate with the community.

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