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  • Friendly Neighbourhood Hero (HB)
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Hero (HB)

Friendly Neighbourhood Hero (HB)

  • Brand/Author: DK
  • Product Code: 9780241306345
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  • Format :Hardcover
  • Publisher :DK CHILDREN
  • Language :English
  • Page :216

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Meet your favourite neighbourhood web-slinger. If you love Spider-Man then take a trip Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. This guide traces Spider-Man's entire career, from his powers and exciting adventures, to famous battles, loves, allies and enemies. You'll learn every twist and turn in the Spider-Man story, plus secret info on all your favourite Spider-Man characters. Focused entirely on the content from the classic "Spider-Man" comics, this chunky encyclopedia will take you from A to Z in the world of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. And don't forget, there's a world of other "DK Spider-Man" books to collect.

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