• Foxtrot Beyond a Doubt
  • Foxtrot Beyond a Doubt

Foxtrot Beyond a Doubt

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"The Fox household is a nonstop, always funny, battleground; humor that hits home for anyone who's ever been part of a family." --"Bookwatch"
There is no doubt that the Fox family is one of the favorites of the cartoon strip world.
Through the five Foxes in "FoxTrot Beyond a Doubt," cartoonist Bill Amend creates a comic peek into what family life is really like: trying. Between son Jason's elaborate schemes, daughter Paige's attempts at cooking, and son Peter's indoor football games, life is rarely dull for parents Andy and Roger Fox.
In this treasury, which is comprised of bestsellers "At Least This Place Sells T-Shirts" and "The Return of the Lone Iguana," the Foxes find themselves again surviving an amusing round of adventure, from their summer vacation at Fun-Fun Universe, to Paige's adventures in baby-sitting, to Jason's inaugural ice-cream date. At the same time, the Foxes also face a variety of real-life situations, from thermostat wars to forced vegetarianism to Rogera (TM)s challenges with a workplace efficiency expert. All in all, this spirited family of five gives fans by the millions a daily dose of reality with a side-splitting helping of humor.

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