• Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding

Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding

  • Brand/Author: Jackson, Jaime
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Paddock Paradise (PP) is both a book title and a concept of a more naturalized way of horse keeping based upon the research done on the Great Basin wild horses by natural horse care expert and author, Jaime Jackson. PP is a must-read for any horse-owner or professional who wants to create an environment of more optimal mental and physical health for their horses while drastically reducing the number of hours spent on 'barn' chores. Jackson explains to readers why the concept works and how to create one in a simple and inexpensive manner. Not only do horses exercise more but also eat in the manner that nature intended . Research has shown that free-roaming horses are healthier than stabled ones but many kinds of pasture grasses can cause laminitis. PP is the solution for these issues and others that plauge horse owners around the world. "PP is an emerging trend," according to a summer 2011 issue of "The Horse" magazine.

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