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Get ready for Kindergarten

Get ready for Kindergarten
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Get ready for Kindergarten
Learning That's Fun! With more than 150 engaging, age-appropriate activities and 2 wipe-off activity boards, the Get ready series takes the work out of workbook and keeps learning fun!Featuring letters, numbers, shapes, opposites, and more, each activity in this bright, colorful book utilizes hands-on approaches to the material, including tracing, drawing, and coloring as well as higher cognitive functioning skills like finding the differences, cracking codes, and recognizing patterns. The activities gently build on each other, creating new challenges with every turn of the page, which helps support the child's ever-growing kindergarten skills!The activities include - Tracing letters and numbers - Word games - Counting games - Mazes - Find the difference - Connect the dots - Simple code cracking - Puzzles - And more!This is the perfect supplemental resource to holds kids' attention with new playful adventures while also ensuring they have what they need for kindergarten success!
Author :Little Genius Books
Format :Hardcover
Language :English
Page :120
Rp 156,600
Rp 174,000
Ex Tax: Rp 156,600
  • : Delivered in 60-90 Days
  • ISBN: 9781953344090

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