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Let There Be Lite

Let There Be Lite
Let There Be Lite
On a planet remarkably similar to our own, in the voraciously capitalist United States of Atlantis, the most powerful (i.e. richest) man in the world is media and IT tycoon John Lockes who made his fortune by copyrighting the Return Key on computer keyboards. An elusive figure and man of many secrets, Lockes is also a philanthropist and has, through his company Infologix, invented a system that will effectively end all crime - a satellite trackeding device known as 'Rectag'. Lockes is the man of the moment, and the time is right for a wart 'n' all biography and the man to write it is Macauley Connor, an embittered investigative journalist-turned-tabloid hack who knows he's reached rock bottom when he's sent to investigate a farmer who claims his chickens have been abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, a beautiful astronaut and an Infologix employee fall in love in orbit, a presidential candidate discovers he will stop at nothing to get elected and a bank heist goes horribly wrong when two rival gangs hit the same place at the same time.Anarchic, outrageous and ebullient, Let There Be Lite takes some laceratingly funny swipes at American politics, presidential elections, spin doctors, tabloid journalism, software billionaires, the fashion industry, fast food and food fads, chat shows (here hosted by the asinine Lola Colaco) and the very nature of celebrity itself. 'Rupert Morgan's satire of modern life is brilliant. He is like Ben Elton at his wittiest...his writing is fast and his characterization superb...Definitely one to watch' Express'Takes you up to the edge of libellous - and gets away with it...As a story it rattles along with the pace of a thriller. As an inventive swipe at the Establishment, it will make you laugh while you wince' Daily Mail'The match of the madder moments of John Irving or Tom Sharpe...this is a promisingly entertaining "e;lite"e; read' The Times
Author :Morgan, Rupert
Format :Ebook (ePub)
Publisher :Transworld
Language :English
Rp 184,800
Ex Tax: Rp 184,800
  • : E-Book
  • ISBN: 9781446421093

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