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Templeton Plan

Templeton Plan
Templeton Plan
Sir John Templeton (1912-2008), the Wall Street legend who has been described as "e;arguably the greatest global stock picker of the twentieth century,"e; clearly knew what it took to be successful. The most important thing, he observed, was to have strong convictions that guided your life-this was the common denominator he saw in all successful people and enterprises. Fortunately for us, he was eager to share his own blueprint for personal success and happiness with the rest of the world. In The Templeton Plan, he laid out the twenty-one guiding principles by which he governed both his professional and personal life. These principles were grounded in virtues that he considered important enough to be considered the "e;laws of life"e;-they include honesty, perseverance, thrift, enthusiasm, humility, and altruism. From this moral foundation, Templeton formulated a step-by-step plan to help improve anyone's personal and professional life. Among the steps he enumerates, readers will find:nbsp;      Four exercises that will help anyone find the positive in every negativenbsp;      How to be the one person in ten that will productively use more time than they wastenbsp;      The secret trait that separates great workers from good workersnbsp;      How to control your thoughts for effective actionnbsp;      The practical applications of a sense of humilitynbsp;      How successful people approach risks differently from most peopleTaken as a whole, the lessons contained within his twenty-one steps will help readers make lasting friendships, reap significant financial rewards, and find personal satisfaction. Ever a believer in the future's vast potential, Templeton hoped that sharing his principles would inspire others to seek their own laws of life, formulate their own plans, and find success and happiness on a scale exponentially greater than his own. He freely admitted that he didn't know everything and that there was yet much to be discovered about prosperity and joy. The Templeton Plan not only offers his recipe for success, but also shows us the way to formulate our own plans.
Author :Sir John Templeton, Templeton
Format :Ebook (ePub)
Publisher :Templeton Press
Language :English
Rp 211,200
Ex Tax: Rp 211,200
  • : E-Book
  • ISBN: 9781599474328

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