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Inson Dubois Wood : Interiors

Inson Dubois Wood : Interiors
Inson Dubois Wood : Interiors

The first monograph on the interior design work of the New York–based _x000D_ architect and an essential resource for those seeking to create _x000D_ luxurious modernist spaces. Inson Wood is renowned for designing elegant_x000D_ interiors with richness, texture, and impeccable proportions. A _x000D_ masterful use of architectural elements in the way he treats and defines_x000D_ space has been a hallmark of his aesthetic since graduating from _x000D_ Harvard Graduate School of Design. Wood’s subtle tonality, with colorful_x000D_ accents, creates sophisticated rooms that are equally inviting and _x000D_ perfect for a modern family lifestyle. With roots in the United States, _x000D_ Thailand, and France, Wood’s cosmopolitan perspective incorporates _x000D_ diverse antiques and modern furniture to create interiors that are _x000D_ luxuriously comfortable. Lavishly illustrated, Wood’s first monograph _x000D_ profiles a sumptuous range of the designer’s work, from the opulent _x000D_ Waterfall Mansion in New York to a family-oriented home in Greenwich and_x000D_ a charming villa in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera. Offering a _x000D_ wealth of original design ideas, Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors is an essential addition to any respectable library of interior design.

Author :Wood, Inson
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