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Max Helsing and the Beast of Bone Creek

Max Helsing and the Beast of Bone Creek
Max Helsing and the Beast of Bone Creek

Fans of Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse and the Wereworld series will love this action-packed ride, full of laughs, gore, and fantastic beasts!
_x000D_ Between carrying on the monster-hunting tradition of his family, the _x000D_ van Helsings, and trying to stay out of trouble at school, Max is ready _x000D_ for a day off. So when his class heads to the mountains on a camping _x000D_ trip, Max can’t wait to leave the stress behind and get his s’mores _x000D_ on. But monster-hunting doesn’t take a vacation, and soon Max and his _x000D_ gearhead friend Syd find themselves seeking the answers to who—or _x000D_ what—is behind a raft of mysterious camper kidnappings.  The locals say _x000D_ it’s a bigfoot, rumored to roam the forest, but as more and more magical_x000D_ beasts rear their shaggy, scaly, and horned heads, Max starts to wonder_x000D_ if what’s afoot is something even bigger—and scarier—than the Beast of _x000D_ Bone Creek.

Author :Jobling, Curtis
Format :Paperback
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  • ISBN: 9781408341971

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